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  1. I love this. I don't need to find dying player in a crowd anymore xd
  2. Finally I remember the log to this forum acc ._. Lel :panda7:

  3. Happy new year everyone, I hope you all have a good one. ♡
  4. Kuzzzz, are you alive?

  5. Thank you What a beautiful words thank you Hyedra, I don't think you need luck cos ur pic is a winning xd. Good luck to you too^^
  6. Hey y'all beautiful creatures from Arinar. I'm gloriosa/mileina from Eu Emerald. Good luck to everyone who participate in this contest . (for me too.-.)
  7. Thank you :3 Cala : hehe iya cala ini Airin , makasih ya :3
  8. Thank you (: and good luck to you too^^
  9. Hai, I'm Gloriosa (Shaman 14lvl) from server EU-Emerald.
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