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  1. прикольно, первый раз увидел что там на не-подводных локациях кстати на РБ рекомендую искажение жизни, отлично работает. так можно уже и без хила ходить
  2. а еще в логове миф тоже мрут прислужники, по крайней мере у танка
  3. ну на тяже отыгрались зато, в танко сете там крит и кд 🤦‍♂️
  4. у меня тоже вчера было такое, только с банками возникает когда пытаешься выпить банку с доп панели, и в этот момент переходишь локацию @Holmes
  5. ходили в логово миф с патей некр, рога, 2 чк. фул прохождение 8 мин. не понимаю о чем речь
  6. будет норм, если баффы от игроков/своих скиллов/шмота будут первые в строке (пример - ярость прокнула, кто - то кинул хил на тебя, прожал какой то скилл). чтобы они всегда были в начале первой строки, а остальное типа баффы событий, звезды за битву, банки и прочий визуальный мусор сдвигались. зачем целых 24 часа смотреть на 3 звезды от битвы, люди итак знают результат, к чему еще отображение? + эти звезды всегда висят первые так как сейчас сортировка баффов про времени получения и первая строчка была для баффов, вторая для дебаффов допустим. обратите внимание пожалст @Holmes @Peony
  7. спасибо, щас внесу. пояс у меня с крафта, и на момент написания гайда бегал в инст в ботах за дублоны. в принципе и получается 2 шмотки "перекрафт". полусета с хп нет. дело в том что инст ограничен по времени, 4 часа всего. и сидеть разглядывать статы времени совсем нет, отсюда и неточности с этими баффами. говорят копье еще и вампирик дает, тоже надо бы проверить
  8. што вы мне в теме гадите. я для себя залил карту
  9. Yep that's true but with highly amped party it doesn't really matter tho
  10. This guide is translated from Russian and I have my game in Russian. Because of this mob names are not exactly right (guard hounds, dg boss, etc.) Maybe admins can provide exact names for convenience? That'd be great @Akasha Here's the original guide If you got any questions left pm me Mightyajax @ RU-Amber. I do speak English and will be glad to help out
  11. First things first: this dg is not for any player. Considering entry requerements (win in both Mermen Tournament stages) this should go without saying, but a lot of whining occured (especially on russian forum) showing there are a lot of noobs in top guild. My view on entry requirements: Skilled tank who knows his class, knows what is he doing and has a right build (aggro pots are necessary for warden) Healer who doesn't sit afk or gets distracted — they should watch out for party and buff uptimes for tank DPS classes have lower requirements — they dont recieve much damage but tend to get instakilled by random crits from mobs. You can really make your healer's life easier if put solidity runes wherever possible, including armor head piece. For every class except warlock and mage you can even ditch lifesteal rune from your cape piece and also put a solidity rune there.(this one is optional, if you have Survivability 1-4 degree talents) Please note I didn't say anything about amp level yet. A fully +7 ampet party can easily close this dg in 1 stam. Considering you got skills of course I've divided dg in two parts, second is located under water. Part 1 — Room 1 Looks like this: Population: 60k hp elite enemy, 5k hp mob enemies Room clearing condition: Kill all 60k hp enemies Room clearing tactics: We clear first room this way: tank & 2 DPS go to lower-right corner, healer & 1 DPS go to top-left corner (1st screenshot). Everybody kill their corresponding enemy and then kill top-right enemy. Nothing too hard Part 1 — Room 2 Looks like this: Population: spider cocoon, 10k hp smaller spiders (hatch from cocoons if you step on them), 90k hp big spider Room clearing condition: kill big spooky spooder Room clearing tactics: Let your tank go first and let them open up all cocoons on the way (hatching spiders are all single enemies so wait for tank to cast mass aggro skill). For weaker parties try to clear all smaller spiders firs. For stronger parties just ignore them and go for the big cheese right away. If you got necromancer in your party the fastes way is to clear the small spiders, then rise the skeletons w/ new totem skill. Part 1 — Rooms 3 & 4 Two rooms containing a small labyrinth and everybody's beloved bugs (be wary of Sea Hard flashbacks haha) Population: Small bug 1000 hp, Big bug 10k hp, Fat snail 40k hp Room clearing condition: — Room clearing tactics: Quite dangerous room. Big bugs leave slimy trail behind them which deal around 1500 dmg. Snails deal 1500 dmg and aslo cast "Big hit" dealing 2500 dmg. We always kill all mobs in these rooms but it's not necessary if you got warden or warrior as tank. (P.S. all dmg numbers include 13000 phys def and 8000 magic def) Part 1 — Room 5 Population: Big crab 140k hp, 9 snails 10k hp each Room clearing condition: Kill Big crab Room clearing tactics: All snails are located in their respected corner of the room and if you let the crab near them it gets healed for moderate amount (no numbers sry. just don't let this happen). Crab starts walking towards the snails on recieving damage so dont hit it yet. All snails are neutral to player initially and also are single enemies. Easy enough - tank holds the crab in place while others kill every snail, then proceed to kill the crab Boss (don't know name of the boss sryy, something about him being mad) — 460k hp Boss is under water so switch to sea weapons and gear before entering this room Abilities: Purple lightning — 2 random party members except tank get this debuff. If they stay close enough a lighting will start bounce between them doing around 900dmg each bounce Mobs spawn — calls for help and 3 10k hp mobs spawn near the boss. This happens approx. every 25 seconds which means you can put it in your favor if you have "Bodycheck" talent Kinda weak boss, hits for 500—600 dmg and casts a 1300 dmh "Big hit". Can drop bars, amp spheres and castle resource (June 3rd castle resource was removed). After killing him you will be offered to "get your reward" from fake chest and get teleported into 2nd part. Part 2 — Room 1 Everything is under water here with corresponding bonuses and dangers. After June 3rd patch mobs here have huge chance to cast Hydrophobia so stock up on resitance pots. Lets take a look on first room here: We got 4 weapon racs which give real good buffs and each class can find something thar suits them most: Shield gives approx. 15% hp buff and also block (unconfirmed) Spear gives +25% Depths fury and also life steal (unconfirmed) Staff gives +25% cooldown reduction Bow gives +20% pierce For tank & healer staff is recommended (also my personal choice) - 25% cdr have huge impact here. For DPS classes simply pick what you lack the most. Population: Mermen warrior 35k hp, Guard hound 15k hp, Mermen warden 80k hp, Sorceress 40k hp Room clearing condition: kill 3 mob waves Room clearing tactics: After a single buff is taken from any rack 2 Mermen Warriors spawn in lower part of the room and start moving upwards while being already aggroed on party. Group up. pick up buffs then tank engages the mobs.Shortly after that 2 hounds spawn with short delay. After dealing with first wave the second is immedeatly spawned near the room exit — Mermen Warrior х2 + Mermen Warden. While in combat hounds may rapidly spawn/despawn. Third wave contains Mermen Warden х2 + Sorceress (also with hounds). Kill all waves and proceed to next room. Be careful as all mobs can cast Hydrophobia and Stun. Mermen Wardens additionly have "Lightning shield" spell. Part 2 — Room 2 Population: Guard Hounds 15 to 35 k hp, King's Guard 125k hp Room clearing condition: kill King's Guard Room clearing tactics: Initially there are 4 different Hound mobs with King's Guard endlessly spawning more while standing near the exit (you have to aggro him in order to stop Hound spawning). Simply engage the hound while rogue/seeker rushes the King's Guard then proceed to clear the room. Hounds can spawn/despawn as usually. King's Guard has "Blow of the Silence" spell Part 2 — Room 2¾ After clearing Room 2 a secret entrance opens up leading to "additional reward" promised by devs. I don't have screenshots from inside the room, just don't go there. There's 300k hp Mini Boss enemy which can drop spheres, bars, craft resources etc. Don't waste your time there. Part 2 — Room 3 Easiest room in Part 2: Population: Guard Hound 15 to 45 k hp Room clearing condition: — Room clearing tactics: The exit is already open so just kill everything standing in your way Part 2 — Room 4 The finale Population: Mermen Warrior 35k hp, Guard Hounds 15k hp, Mermen Warden 90k hp, friendly NPC Kreneida Room clearing condition: kill all enemies Room clearing tactics: Everyting is already familiar from other rooms, just kill everything. Talk to the NPC and vois la — dg complete. Kreneida opens a portal which will teleport you to the very first room from Part 1. Average dmg numbers: (Necro is amped +9, everybody else is +10 and aslo rogue has all talents fully upgraded) Here's an unedited video And thats about it!
  12. руби шарит только как чм накручивать, помолчал бы
  13. паладин тоже к месту. вроде двое паладинов танков у ушей если не ошибаюсь? 😄 а руна надежности в плаще в принципе можно заменить талантом. хотя наверное цена одна и та же получится
  14. у разрабов комплексы. не нравится им слово разраб_ы
  15. я говорю про персов которые стоят 1-3 лвл и занимают ники. естественно я не предлагаю удалять всех подряд
  16. Чистку ников и правда хотелось бы, только не как обычно тех что 3 года в оффе. Хотя бы до 3 месяцев сократить, а то там куча ников заняты
  17. про мага и чк я имел ввиду плащ а про обеднение - рога с фул вампом от крита хилит себе 1000 хп, думаю что всякие ханты-реи-бд и прочее по 1500 дд слабее не станут, если будут также хилить не 1000 а 850
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