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  1. Pretty sure the game was launched mid 2008.
  2. Sweet. If you were transformed into a mythical creature, what would it be & why?
  3. Blaoy, please read Suggestion section rules & Community rules, before posting again. 1, 2, & finally 3.
  4. About the potion, i don't see why not. I Like it. About storage chests. As angelo said, it has been suggested many times, but the development team have not responded about it. Maybe they will in the future, or maybe not. For now, you can extend your bag to 150 slots, and you also have market slots & guild storage ( to an extent ).
  5. Yes. If you have a bit of miracle coins or gold, you can: Belts & rings can be enchanted with a "crystal of harmony" for mana regen. Helms , cloaks & armor can be enchanted with a "crystal of wisdom" to increase your max mana. And mana/hp pots/scrolls can also be brought from the mshop/market.
  6. I Should shake some cobwebs off of my druid, and spin a few with you guys again eh?
  7. Multiple drop. It happens.
  8. Honestly, i would prefer them as skins/outfits.
  9. Xp from arena, no. Don't forget that some people have lvl18 /20 arena toons as well. believe it.
  10. Yup, it happens. Answers were given. >leveled during demand >Forced matchmaking
  11. Whats wrong with angelo? O.O
  12. The produce that only KFC dreams about. Not exactly a chicken.. but not far off ;D would be one awesome drumstick with the Kernels secret herbs & spices
  13. Definitely one of the best ones. Just dont waste your time watching the movie x_x
  14. Amp system? 15th dec 2011 2.5 update. He wasn't around then. I Only started back in feb 2011, so i'm not as old as pre f2p, but i like to think i'm seasoned enough to call myself an "old player". I'll call everyone still playing from pre f2p dedicated and ancient xD
  15. Blueborn

    skill set

    This suggest has nothing to do with hotkeys. He is talking about skill point presets. @ the suggest. Would be nice, but doubt it would happen.
  16. I Think it's time we got together and did something as a guild. Call it an attempt to spur up bored members. Do some dungeon, farm snorlar/spawn, or some healthy elf raids ( their graveyard is full thanks to me, so lets make them pile their dead ). Who's in if i say 8am monday, br time?
  17. What does that have to do with "showing more skill info"? I Support this suggest btw Deltaman. Need more info about skills and what each level increase does, prior to acquiring/leveling the skill in-game.
  18. Yeah, running out of needed room. We need more hotkeys.
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