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  1. Just for people who wish to practice on their own without having to worry about control effects from other players. __ There are actually already some practice dummies in ayvondil and some map 1 maps. Maybe just increase the HP of those and add a few more in other towns.
  2. With grey mobs(rabbit,mouse etc) being the only things that have no defense whatsover , people often have to go around searching for these thongs just to see their attack damages. Also, you can't really use them to practice your fighting styles/combos so its kinda useless. Idea: Make various training dummies around each of the towns/maps in arinar. This would be a good addition as it would help people focus on perfecting their fighting styles and perfecting their character. These dummies play the role of rabbits and mouses etc. They do not have any defense, and they do not atta
  3. Agreed, the rewards for the events may be a bit too high. They can be adjusted according to what the gm/Deva want I guess. There will be other events added that have waiting periods of longer times. These shouldn't be too long as they should relive the Bordem of players and make them want to keep playing .
  4. I'm not really aiming to repeat already posted topics, but instead make a huge compilation of events that players want in the game based on what I've seen in forums. And BTW. 2 and 3 are the same. Also, I completely forgot myself in making some of those posts xD -- Updated.Enough votes for yes may just make then consider it hah. Game is gets boring too fast.
  5. there have been so many suggestions regarding small event that players can participate in whilst you work on your major projects. the game gets boring pretty fast cus you simply dont add things that will keep players hooked. ill fill this with suggestions of events ive seen throughout of the forum so ya see what i mean. other than that, just submit your answer in the poll for weather you want Events in warspear or not. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. im sorry to say this but looking at various threads on peoples opinions on the game at its current state, its not really looking too good . the game has changed alot but you guys(devs/gm etc) dont really include us(players) in the making of your upcomming updates. you usually announce updates then wait for our opinions. BASICALLY: what im saying is that you should include us(players) in future updates that you are planning. if your considering adding something in the game, instead of discussing it with your teams, why not post it on the forum to see what we think about it befor
  7. If you're a frequent PvP, PvE er, this is the suggestion for you! when it comes to tryna farm lab, doing quests etc and you find an enemy player who is tryna kill you and your using your pve gear, it could often take alot of time for you switch to pvp gear so that you can fight and not die. this suggestion comes from alot of other games that ive played and have reckoned it would be a good addition to warspear. HOW IT WORKS: a load out is basically a set of things that saved into your profile and can easily be called upon to easily switch from one thing to the o
  8. This suggestion is just a way for people to vs each other in lage quantities(free for all) to see who will come out as being the Last Man Standing! I do see what you mean tho
  9. Also. The system message can be replaced with likr an events npc which teleports players into upcomming events. The npc can be located in all towns. Or a new button menu>events>Last man standing
  10. Can you devs and gms please start to think about the bordem problems in this game. The game has no way to hook players and keep them entertained other than............................... Instead of doing these massive updates, can you also focus on the small things to keep us entertained. Hes an idea that ive seen in many games and could be added to warspear male the game more interesting ! Last Man Standing this can be an event that occurs each HOUR interval ! This is how it works: system message: LAST MAN STANDING is about to beginDo you want to join?( the player cli
  11. lol ;D . the ideas that i have inputed are JUST IDEAS. devs can think of other ways to help new players level up rather than doing 2000+ quests :good:
  12. Remember guys, not everyone has the free time to be leveling all the time :) Think of the new players. After all this game was made for mainly mobile use. its not like WoW, whcih you are actually intended to be playing the game for long periods of time to actually get somewhere.
  13. I just realised, now that after a long time, you began to start to increase the level cap for all players. id imagine level 30 is not that far off? im wondering, is it such a wise idea? not that im not looking forward to level 30 and all the cool new benefits and side updates that come with it but you should really think about: new players, free time, quest completion rates. basically, it takes about a full day to go from level 1-13 in for mcs and forsaken. and maybe 2-3 days for forsaken and chosen. im not sure about the other levels like 13-15 but id imagine they are longer.
  14. HERES A POSSIBLE FIX: instead of using teleports that the player ahs to walk to in order to go to another base. why not just make one whole bug teleport? not only will it stop people from standing in that arena map to see gives up on waiting and just attacks. automatic random teleporters can be placed on each sections of the map which take all the players to a part of the map separately. the teleports can maybe go every 10 secconds. and then randomize the arena once again. this would make the map much more interesting. Steps: 1. Demand arena 2. get into
  15. oh, I completely forgot about those devices...... Thanks Perhaps they could also double press the number of where the skill is assigned
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