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  1. My partner was +5 btw . Ending result Raw 9 Vampire 5
  2. Lollipop y’all really made a a fake account Imitating me, that’s how miserable y’all are😂😂😂😂😂 my charmers name has 2g’s and 2c’s. Shows how miserable y’all are.
  3. What about forsaken/mountain clan factions?
  4. Or those two guilds can fight over it🧐 that would be epic as well lol.
  5. Yes I am very aware of the auto demanders, I spam arena myself and meet some of them at time, but it is no problem for me just looked at as a free lose party sponser 🤗
  6. Not to mention the pvp caves 🥵 they are all so dead it’s almost rare to find a good pvp at pvp cave. The only way I get a good pvp is if I ask a fellow arena mate for a pvp or switch to other side and search for anyone willing to pvp.
  7. Well forgot about that hehe, but in some servers mc overpopulate elf like eu. And yassss but it’s a endless server you know? We could switch back n forth from our main server to go there for pvp/arena vs all players from all servers. I take no interest in pve honestly, the only time I’m active is beginning of every arena season. But after 1-2 weeks it slows down n then there’s nothing to do but wait on season end. I know there are other pvp players who feel the same as I.
  8. Hmm more so just take castle away for the pvp/arena server🧐 those buffs are so broken for arena anyway 🥵 so we wouldn’t need a castle for that server imo. Many others agree on that as well, a shaman/priest/Druid/necro on craft pot is literally god.
  9. Take all castles away and let their be a new fight for them possibly? A restart basically? 🤷🏽‍♂️ Ehh idk I just feel it is very much possible to merge servers or atleast create a new one where all players from all servers can join like a pvp/arena server? Like test server.
  10. I totally agree, been thinking this forever.. doesn’t really matter about the time difference bcuz some players are on 24/7 anyway due to acc sharing or just simply no lifing. So why not merge servers similar to each other like US/EU OR RU/BR OR hell all of em😂🤷🏽‍♂️ The game would be soooo much more exciting I’m sure many of the old retired players would come back. It would also mean arena would be more active for all level and categories. ORRRR you can make it to where we could just choose the servers to log in on I’m sure it’s possible, but I would prefer the server merge. I’m sure all of the other pro players from other servers would like to test their hero’s skills and strength on other pros from other servers. I know I would love it 😍. Just give it a thought please developers, many others think this would be a good idea as well.
  11. can anyone link me test server link and tell when it will up?
  12. https://youtu.be/vCqXRqBeLUE Chaoss lose vs addict even with lag🤣😃
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