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  1. And restore ranger blessing back to 100% dmg while they are at it 🥴
  2. Yea that’s gay 😒 rangers kinda need it but ehh it’s whatever
  3. So is ranger blessing nerfed to 90% or is it a bug? Because I don’t see where it said it’s reduced to 90%
  4. I’m no mathematician but I don’t think 105% would be lower than original base hit 🤣👀
  5. For sure. Take your time😌. I still have to build my legendary character before it does happen, if it ever happens.
  6. Agreed. And make the game much more interesting. Awee well thanks for the Info 👍🏽 Still looking forward to testing the new adjustments.
  7. That’s why I said have a vote, if they’re willing to sacrifice the money and time spent on leveling their castle for a better game experience let that be their choice.
  8. Have a vote on it including all servers, if they don’t mind let’s make it happen😎 have all the guilds who own each castle of different servers fight for them. Arena is simple, do it after the arena seasons end and before the new seasons start, before anyone can spam shut the servers down for update. BOOM🙌🏽 Not every elf faction on every server is overpopulated tho, I believe it will balance out.
  9. So glad I’m a pvp player 🙄 butt about that server merge tho😏 are you guys thinking of a possible way to merge them?
  10. In all honesty, bds need the 40% without it they are useless. If you think the 40% is bad I wish you were around during the bds counter attack era. You would’ve been crying on all 4 begging for a nerf 🤣. Think about shamans lightning shield, but twice as much damage.
  11. Ooooooo😂😂😂😂 devs getting feisty I like it!!!! I honestly love how this update is sounding so far 🥰 my only question is will those exp pots be in test server? The ones that give 2k xp per use
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