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  1. It's only my suggestion and to improve the damage per second of the rangers.
  2. I hope you improve the animation of the Sun Power. If the skill is activate the animation of the skill covers the colors of the face and costumes of the hero. I hope its like the animation of the skills exacerbation that not covers a lot of the color of the hero. Thank you.
  3. You're right, i hope the bleeding skills damage based on the physical attack of the hero like the hunter and ranger bleeding skills.
  4. The Ranger Blessing skill works by a chance, I suggest to rework it : every 2 attacks( auto attack/ skill damage)(max level) triggers the ranger blessing additional damage with in the duration time.
  5. INNER RAGE RECOMMENDATION Inner Rage skill is rarely trigger if your armour is too good. I suggest, if the inner rage passive skill is trigger in 50% hp of hero and the damage of hero is increase by 10%-40% (defend on level) with 10seconds duration. I said that this passive skill is hard to trigger, i suggest to add new skill like sacrifice the 50% of hp but your hp not lower than 1hp and increases the lifesteal and resistance parameter by 15%- 40% defend on level. Seeker is the weakest in the War, so adding resistance is good to increase survivability.
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