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  1. Ganjafarma

    Event minions usage in arena

    Thank you for the reply 😊
  2. Ive been speaking to some other high lvl shaman players and its a common feeling that shaman is lacking in stuns. We have 1 cc skill (earthquake) which rarely works tbh, whereas most other classes have at least 1 stun. So my question is is there a possibility of a stun skill/adding stun effect to earthquake? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated
  3. Ganjafarma

    Event minions usage in arena

    What is the possibility of removing usage of event minions from arena? I find it to be annoying and takes the fun out of arena. Im sure im not the only one. T.i.a
  4. Halloween 😲 can't wait for this . My favourite event. Hope to see stun weapons again.
  5. Omg omg omg *hype intensifies* 😁