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  1. Full support shaman skill build: 1.) Basic skill build: ([1] Ball Lighting, [2] Healing Spirit, [3] Earth Protection, [4] Lighting Blast, [5] Earthquake.) This build increase physical and magic defence, you can choose between 3/5 ball lighting or 3/5 earthquake, ball lighting increase skill damage on single target while leveling earthuake increase damage in multiple enemys. Basic skill leveling: Firsty i recomend making 5/5 heal to increase time of healing and amount of heal (heal amount depends on your magic damage too.) Next i prefer making 3/5 earthquake or ball lighting to make character leveling much easer and only then making 5/5 earth protection. 2.)Expert skill build: ([1] Totem of Weakness, [2] Power of the Earth, [3] Healing Totem, [4] Lighting Shield, [5] Ancestors' hand, [6] Fire totem, [7] Energy field, [8] Tribe's Ritual.) This build contains high heal and skill cooldown speed, with 4/4 heal totem you can heal big group of players and with 4/4 Power of the Earth you can increase tank health points or your own with 25% while multiple buffs works as heal, with 4/4 Tribe's ritual you can increase your skill cooldown time with 40% for faster heal or use it on damage dealer to increase his damage skill cooldown speed. Expert skill leveling: From level18 you able to buy expert skills. You get new slot for expert skill every 2 levels or unlocking it for mcoins, you can unlock 3 extra slots with achivments too. At level 18 i would recommend buy healing totem to have more healing skills, at lvl20 i suggest buying fire totem and making healing totem 3/4, from lvl22 make healing totem 4/4 and buy ancestors' hand to help your teammates evade death or so, after u reach lvl24 buy power of earth and make it 2/4 that skill increase your or teamates max health points, at lvl26 buy tribe's ritual skill and make power if the earth skill 3/4, at lvl28 make 4/4 power of earth and buy any new expert skill that you prefer most but in this build others skills not neccesary. At lvl30 make 3/4 tribe's ritual and on lvl32 make it 4/4. Damage shaman skill build: 1.) Basic skill build: In this case you have bigger damage but lower defense support, you can choose if you want max damage or less damage and bigger defense. For full damage i prefer 5/5 earthquake and 3/5 ball lighting while if u want bigger defense go for 5/5 or 3/5 earthquake and 3/5 or 5/5 protection. 2.)Expert skill build: At level18 as first expert i still reccomend healing totem and making it 4/4 at level22, at lvl20 buy fire totem and on lvl22 get lighting shield or ancestors' hand depends what you do most if solo questing/farming i prefer lighting shield but if you go more with party i suggest get ancestors hand. At lvl24 start maxing fire totem or lighting shield, others skill arent that neccesary in this kind of build. Things you might want to know: 1.) Tribe's ritual cooldown % by its level: 1/4=15% 2/4=20% 3/4=30% 4/4=40% 2.)Fire Totem hits by its level: 1/4=3hits. 2/4=3hits. 3/4=4hits. 4/4=5hits. 3.)Power of the Earth % and duration: 1/4=10% for 20s. 2/4=15% for 30s. 3/4=20% for 40s. 4/4=25% for 50s. 4.)Energy Field energy regeneration increasing and regeneration time reduction by level: 1/4=12 units and -1s. 2/4=15 units and -1.5s. 3/4=20 units and -1.8s. 4/4=26 units and -2.1s. 5.) Earth Protection magic and physical defense increasing by level: 1/5=15% 2/5=20% 3/5=30% 4/5=40% 5/5=50% 6.) Weakness Totem accuration, penetration, critical hit rate reduction % and amount of enemy player that get effect: 1/4=10% for 3 enemys. 2/4=14% for 4 enemys. 3/4=18% for 5 enemys. 4/4=25% for 6 enemys. Devzu ~ [Eu-Emerald server]
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