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  1. yes yes yes. been waiting for a class for elf side similar to charmer for a long time. this looks great keep up the good work. looing forward to release 🙃
  2. awesome update. the change to touch of truth is very welcome. as a physical templar landing silence can be difficult now it will be easy tyvm devs <3
  3. happy new year all always love reading these stats so interesting 🙃
  4. in what way was rogue useless in 2021? 2 stuns (one ranged) a heal and increased dmg. rogue went from being decent to one of the best dmg pvp classes. they needed this nerf. dodge has always been a broken stat in warspear
  5. all in all im happy with this rebalance. nice to see chieftains were nerfed the class was way too overpowered. druid 100% song is highly questionable though but i understand it. excited for test server 😁
  6. As a templar main I agree wholeheartedly with this as of now deity statue is almost a useless skill there is not really any situations where I Find myself using it. I think this is a great suggestion and I will follow with interest
  7. Wow. This was so unexpected can't wait to try the chieftain. leather and dual Mace's here I come
  8. Im a little confused by the druid heal buff. 2 applications. This means we can stack 2x heal now?
  9. I would like to bring to your attention a recent problem in eu emerald. There is someone somewhere hacking peoples accounts. Just last week vlaconan was hacked all gear dropped and now today my friend saltymalek was also hacked. He went to sleep woke up and couldn't log (pw had been changed) he tried to restore password through email on the support site but the gmail has also been deleted. This needs to stop. Pls look into of there is anything you can do. T.i.a ganjafarma eu
  10. Ive been speaking to some other high lvl shaman players and its a common feeling that shaman is lacking in stuns. We have 1 cc skill (earthquake) which rarely works tbh, whereas most other classes have at least 1 stun. So my question is is there a possibility of a stun skill/adding stun effect to earthquake? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated
  11. What is the possibility of removing usage of event minions from arena? I find it to be annoying and takes the fun out of arena. Im sure im not the only one. T.i.a
  12. Halloween 😲 can't wait for this . My favourite event. Hope to see stun weapons again.
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