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  1. Thank you for reply, screenshot sent via mail.
  2. I have finished blue mark quest (curse of capelobo), in horror circus and order to finish is back to old priest, i wish to know where exactly old priest place? I have found old priest in town but blue question mark shown far from my town. I have screenshot of game but cant upload in my browser.
  3. Danindo

    can't connect

    Today, 10/8 06:50 WIB, i can't connect to my profile. Is server down? Edit: i can connect to my profile now, thanks Edit: 10/8 13:00 wib im getting connection trouble again, idk if my cell phone provider trouble or ws server trouble.
  4. I am one of non russian people who has been playing in topaz-ru realm. I cant speak russia language well, but there are some player able to communicate with me in simple english. Most of them are humble people.
  5. thanks for reply. actualy i've reinstalled game from playstore, and reinstall game is not solve a problem. finally, a problem solved, i switch my phone to 2g mode, and update work like charm.
  6. tryin to open game, update progress dialog stuck on 18/4k 0%, then error dialog shown. cant attach ss but error code shown as 0x0DFA925D, hope devs can help me to solve this problem.
  7. Have you ever gotten madness from this tower? (One of the towers in Small Ravva). this is the third time I've experienced it. the tower is really crazy, the shooting distance is infinite. they (all) attacked me nonstop. trying to teleport (the teleport button is slow to respond), the towers don't give me a chance to escape. I can handle this normal map, but not for that time. Have you experienced it here?
  8. i can connect but connection drop immediately at +/- 1:00 pm WIB after battle of irs. i cant connect to server now. topaz is my realm
  9. I cant connect into realm (topaz) today. Are there same trouble out there?
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