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  1. Personally i love old school simple roles. Tanker to be real tank not tank plus damage. Damage dealer considered to be not "tanky" just deal damage. Healer is healer. actualy not to be tanker and damager. but there are many game offer "universal" build out there. mean it based from strength,dexterity,inteligence. so even class is best build to be tanker there are an alternative that class changed to be another role (damage,support or both). it so funny when you see paladin using staff,dagger or bow.
  2. there arent town or time which actualy change your luck. so, if there are saying you need to open this chest in town a,b,c then it's myth. Luck is random btw.
  3. i've been played Ranger recently. i stopped playing this game about 3-4 month ago (i like to play this game, i love my friends here but really dont have to play at least for now). there are much reason why this class is very very suck. it's unclear where this class position. If ranger as DD then compare to another damage based class. there are much lack of damage parameters. If ranger as a defender, then only one defense parameter, dodge!!. ranger lack of parrying and dodge actualy joke (i have tried max dodge build and result's very disapointed). idk, maybe accu/dodge environment is not clear balanced (pve/pvp). even lack accurate relic useless. and last addition, control skills are easy resisted, both melee/magician actualy easy to take ranger to death. you cant escape from your death!. Ranger actualy need damage gain. Power isnt real damage because much parameters which convert power become real damage. Replace all trap skill with actual damage or active buffered skill. i only have used sliow trap because of their slow debuff good vs many or single melee. but if resisted then this skill actualy nothing, lol. i dont like all single trap skill because it is hard to implement ( i dont like 1vs1 or solo play btw). i hope there are "better" update for this class. soon or later i would like to play this game anymore (if i have time).
  4. Hi dev, could you add new option to hide top left/right corner H.U.D and move red (hp)/blue (energy) to above of hero position, like small red line above all boss types. sometimes i cant see object at top/left corner because H.U.D hide it from my eye sight. the real condition when i go to dungeon at lair hard level, sometimes cocoon positioned exactly at top corner. this option maybe impact to personal view, not all (only viewed by owner). and last i sugest that stealth thing like rogue, seeker, ranger/hunter traps skill only view by personal (friendly cant see this stealth now). this is may increase game challenges (say goodbye to game spies). thank you !
  5. Are there ranger able to tank at all? my personal view about this class now is he/she just act like skirmisher, low hit, low def, good as volley role, do attack behind real tank class, not to be a superior front line class. even at 1 vs 1 pvp vs all classes, there are maybe 25% chance this class to survive. when you see ranger able to survive vs you then he/she has a lucky day :). nb: when you talk about 1 vs 1 balance, there are no 1 vs 1 balance at this game until now. the only one we can do is just build good team, strategy and play.
  6. my personal view only that heavy armor based heroes have much dmg reducer or absorber naturaly now. i think every bit aspect is more important at pvp. not only dealing damage (heavy armor based heroes damage more competitives with recently warspear updates) but endurance, not all heroes have all it.
  7. is this fair if mermen heavy gear skill (damage reduce and debuff remover) only work for againt mobs but do nothing (void) againt human player? give us your opinion.
  8. "Ranger Fast as wind, Ranger have perfectly mastered using bow and arbalests. Elven archers have great dexterity and can evade enemies attack while sending arrow back. Ranger also use traps and enchanted arrows to keep enemies at a distance." please give your opinion about this class after recently updates of warspear. is this class lost of dexterities? bad evasion? broken traps? cant handle 100% resistance heroes to keep him in distance?
  9. take a look at chief, 6 sec 100% resist + fast run able to knock down your enemy in 1 move. with large amount instant dmg , ,dot skill, stun. Even your pve weapon able to kill hi amp and resilence player. Just stop bringing toxicious elves mcs favour.
  10. Is arena ferocity bow/xbow weapon from shop effective in arena or pvp siuations? Seem most people suggest to use craft xbow than using hi ferocity arena shop bow/xbow. In other situation now, hi ferocity bow seem have low dmg againt charmer pets. But pve bow /xbow have deal better to the pet Is this by design or what? im just thinkin my hi fero arena bow is useless now . Seem pet effected by mermen gear skill (i only guess, idk how fact it is). I have tried with two charmer who use pure heavy arena gear and charmer with mixed mm set arena gear. Charmer pet with mixed mm set have better life. 1100 my raw power only deal 300 (with fero bow).
  11. This class need to be deleted from warspear wkwk 🤣🤣 . Or adjust/reduced its power and attack speed. Let say 1 call spawn is normal power, 2nd spawn reduced % power/att. Speed for each summon. Or best solution, dont touch this class.Keep and let it Ryfg
  12. SEA-PEARL is the best place for new player. The first to do to be succeeded to play is just avoid lookin something at market or you will be ended by uninstall this game ))
  13. imagine 10 charmer vs 10 non summoning class
  14. i think by limiting charmer to summon only 1 dog+bird is enough fair. im not talk about 1 charmer but many.
  15. is this server maintenance devs? ive been annonyed by slow connection performance when entering dungeon, then disconnected by peer and cant do relog about 15-20 mnt this morning.
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