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  1. you are top rogue and utuber but act like noob XD. GM please give him full set mermen LoL
  2. how much % incomin dmg at 4/4? i guess this is op pve rogue killer centric and should bein used behind tank. dont think use it for solo or you would become to be god. and if you think you cant win over your rival then your stats are maybe lower than your rival or class roles limit your power. my ranger also have low stats, cant beat rogue and easily wasted by any rogue even pve built rogue. thats why i always take my position behind heavy armored classes. peoples are starting to think any solo here, where are mmorpg ideas to take?
  3. ive compared 32lvl snow dungeon to myth level dungeon, not normal level dungeon 😄
  4. ok i c. i think we ( i personally) need more somethin new event just to kill static gameplay that bring out the player into fast retired condition.
  5. please add new fresh weekly alliance event, it could be done by do task 1 or over stages. side by side independent event. event failed or succeeded would only work to one side alliance, not all. for the bonus reward, lazy alliance granted to get punishment buffer. reduced all stats parameters. it's time to be 'you are there' event,no afk, finish the stage and get a glory.
  6. im android user too, got a same problem before. but not seein this problem since last recent updates.
  7. normaly its 5 vs 5 clone at stage, but ive been faced 5 vs 8 ( 4 is armed my clone), we ve killed leader and some player passed to cross and another no luck because he/she wasn't fast enough to move even succeed to cross to final stage (we kill some clones to make him/her move).
  8. is there thread to discuss some bugs or something related about this snow event? i have found rare unlucky time when get into clone stage before final boss stage, there are 4 clone armed myself even being unarmed before start into dungeon. is this normal or bug? and please make 32 dungeon final boss more friendly, seem its hard to geting alive there *cry* :) thank you.
  9. you win mermen with your new lvl 7 guild bro. most of your rivals are lesser active player at guild now, congratulate! xD
  10. honestly devs, this snow dungeon is too op for us as noob player. we even die againt our mirror, lmao.
  11. i have spent my time to play shaman at topaz server,but ive retired to play it because some difficult technical. now im playing warden at south east asia server. in addition ive created ranger class there.
  12. mostly peoples are 10 minute gamer now, which login into game, open free mentor gift, collect free 30 gp (if own guild) then log off. LoL
  13. this is a classic problem, devs should rework to remove reward from all quest miniboss and make special solo dungeon like at map 1, move the reward to those solo dungeon.
  14. who need defender if massive dd with ls can do better? personally ive changed my wd role to be crafter (i hope i will be useful at a future of this game) and starting to make dd char,at least i want to taste every dg event, and enjoy every common resources,pot/scrolls or precious bar dropped from dungeon. *hug*
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