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  1. yes, i did . Seem that problem come randomly to me. Today, i've spent about 1-2hr to play, tried to launch via gplay and game run smoothly.
  2. i have installed last recent ws update from playstore. this is first time im getting unresponsive input (cant touch or trigger click over game area). are anyone (android 4.4 users) have same problem?
  3. seem this trouble affected to my internet provider only. most of users (same as my inet provider) reported they cant access via non cell data (wifi) too. i can access to all internet resources except play warspear. btw, i am able to play warspear now, seem the problem gone.
  4. i have been disconnected today at 17.30-18.00 WIB. i cant login into game because it stuck at "connecting" screen now. is server down?
  5. dont messed up if you cant kill wd in 1-2 hit with low amp & accurate weapon stats just because his/her wd is totally built to repel any possible attack. Dont compare every class by class, because they have made in different mechanic and skill sets. the problem come when you built heavy armor class and try no to choose full their defender "role", because you want op to be defender also op to be ass kicker, LoL.
  6. hi lvl low amp wd cant tank mass hi lvl mobs or players without healer now. at least after recently updates. even +10 wd isnt immortal today. so im thinkin wd have enough nerfed.
  7. then make your own wd and prove your words to us now, lol. that an old age mythical story.
  8. what kind sins did warden to you until got a lot nerfed till this update? if warden not need healer that isnt true. lot of warden use much heal pot or heal minion if there arent healer online . btw, please add reset skill book as free gift to next update, no need forti, no need master block, no need agro anymore.
  9. i wish tanker alike chars with heavy armors need slowest rate exhaust except die. more tanker chars now being lazy invited to do quest at huge amount mobs like old new lab because those mob hits eat more repair cost.
  10. this is not my first experience getting lag and disconnected from server. i have changed my realm to south east asia server just to make sure i m getting feel better or comfort when playing this game. but my bad, i still get this unknown "culprit" at new realm. game gonna freeze because of lag connection or being disconnected. i hope to get feel comfort (no recent lag or disconnected) when playing this game at nearly future.
  11. Is wd need evasion (dodge) enchant?
  12. so if i have 4 sets then i only get 1x +311, not 4x +311?
  13. I have created new warden char, now im 27 lvl and have flying island heavy armor sets which have hp and parry bonus. my total hp is 5965 (include guild augmented hp bonus) now. But i have bit confused when i replace one of hand armor with unique 27 lvl armor, my total hp is 5974. is hp bonus from flying island heavy armor heroic sets correct? could someone explain me about this? Thank you.
  14. Danindo

    Lag problem

    I wish in the future of this game, there are no more lag server anymore, actually i enjoy to play this game until server lag come and messed up me. There are no reason to play if being disconnect and die in game just because this serious technical problems.
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