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  1. Yea he got selfish cause he wanted to havea Guild , but why use others guild as its own , if he wanted a guild he could have made or bought But being greedy just by seeing those 2m guild points and lvl 3 is selfishness and greed This act cant be forgiven
  2. I dint transfer the lead to you , it got auto assigned and i asked it back form you , but u being greedy u dint transfer it but deleted , what an Selfishness What will you understand about those people who love this game and having sweet memories with that Guild It was never your guild u dint own that guild neither contributed anything for that guild , that guild was of all the level 14 members who made it lvl 3 with 2m Guild points extra And u just sat back and got cause of auto transfer and calling as ur own guild ,wake up bro Julia u know how much that Guild meant to all of us and the memories which we had :(
  3. Hi Darcia, But it should be kind enough to return the guild back to the person whom it belongs to , and not act as if he owns it I politely talked with him and requested to transfer guild back to me , but he said it was his Dream and cant give the lead which aint right I am fighting for this cause we have memories associated with the guild , cz we all love this game and the best times which we all had together being in that guild request you to please help me on this That guy instead of passing the lead he deleted it , aint that a wicked mind?
  4. Hi Morgana, Yea , thats y it meant so much to me ,i had talk with him politely and requested to transfer back the leadership but he refused to pass and said it was his dream to have a guild :( This guild was something more for all of us , hope GM will understand and restore back the guild to me
  5. Hi All , It sad to say but BlitzKrieg lvl 14 guild which was since many years , was deleted by a person name "Cyberworld" from US Sapphie People do not understand how much somethings mean so much to some one It was a bad action by Cyberworld as he refused to pass the lead of my guild back to me , so instead passing lead he deleted it BlitzKrieg was renamed to WORLD Sad
  6. Yea i had seen this vdo which is a bad play by an high lvl amp
  7. Just asking cz i saw u have said as " Yushiko #1 pro lvl 14 "
  8. This is How the List Goes for LVL 14 :- Archer :- Zepar , Cuongne , xxlegolxx , Icantwinx , Jybut , Namvietnam , Zphiez , Ajdaynhii , Pvprange , Pirrana , Killerbowz Priest :- Krackel , Itachims Paladin :- Princefran , Yellowmiks, Magiceagle BD :- Urowak , Sparrowe , Merdaka , Lydiakisss Druid :- Eaglewars Mage :- Dustnmyai Rogue :- Sellen , Panpalka , Subspecies , Wildangel , Yushiko DK :- Khanzel , Metrowy , Sparthano Warlock :- Lennojx Necro :- Fecheeee Shaman :- Cutefairy Barbarian :- Anttoop I am sorry if i have missed out some one But This is How the lvl 14 Stands
  9. MrJaggy Pro its just the name what u think is pro , but behind that how many people are there which handle Jaggy what u know So that aint a pro There are may Elfs than MC in lvl 14 which are Pro... Sad to know this TSPFighters get back
  10. Yushiko #1 lvl 14.. ..? Oo Really ..?
  11. Nice 1 .. all are true In rangers according to me In past it was Zepar and Cuon and now there are many but i prefer Cuon as far as i know Then Icantwinx And Yea Khanzel best DK i loved to pvp with him which we ended up with 3-3 , i remember when we use to demand i use to go searching for Khanzel 1st Miss U in arena True on Lennox also , he still irritates me with locks like before I hate it
  12. Me preferring on Swords Only..Not Thought about axes yet
  13. Seems This Thread is only for High lvl's
  14. Me Not Crying .. Last Arena Players Use to get 10% Damage [ Cloak+ Amulet]..and this season only 5%[Ring] and Additional 5%[Passive Skill] which is temporary
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