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  1. Is running against the rules? I'm not the only one doing it, hell I even saw a rogue run despite having 100% to win the arena when he/she were in low hp I'm supposed to run like Rambo with my weak stats or use my brain and try to win with hit and run? I would understand the frustration if we lost but we won and it looked like he can solo them so this makes no sense I don't like using the ignore list, only used it to get the achievement Oh well atleast there are good people too like the guy from karma who helped me completely do chainless today and even for free but I can't stay calm and not hold grudges to those who piss me and show my other side to the whole world of this game, I just hope I don't make more enemies because of those annoying players because they can bring others to something personal between us
  2. I thought mc faction was toxic for doing stuff like killing my battle pass minion, killing me in snow raid boss when I'm not causing trouble to them, the high lvl shaman who killed me in kotaravva like a hour ago and even wait near my corpse to potentially kill me if I respawn (seriously?) and just a few minutes ago I won arena with this +10 weapons bd where I didn't see us in danger of losing at any point and look what he sends me... I'm sorry for not running towards 2 high amp players to die in one second with my bad gear and low amp I guess bro, I'm sorry for even touching your char with my filthy heal How dare I play the same game as you, my amazing brother from another mother and ruin it with my stupidity
  3. I just don't want to miss something because of making the wrong choice lol
  4. Atleast now I know it's not a bug... still weird prices just for one haircut even with discount
  5. Omg it should atleast say you can choose only one haircut somewhere to not confuse players. I didn't even choose the haircut I wanted because I thought everything will be unlocked for the hairdresser, what a waste of mcoins. Edit: And that's too much mcoins even with discount for 1 haircut
  6. Ain't the result the same no matter what you choose in the first map quests in those quests where you can choose what to do? I mean you still get the same reward and next quests are the same right? Or you can get extra quests or something if you make a different choice?
  7. I bought it a few minutes ago from the miracle shop while it was on the discount and I added the haircut shown in my second screenshot but didn't get the rest 4 haircuts in my personal hairdresser This is not normal right? Edits: Sorry the second screenshot was not right, I replaced it and in my second edit added extra info
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