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  1. Naah, u r lying... Most dumb rich ppl won't complain in this game. With $100 is enough to amp ur staff, try to find out how its work although it need luck also.
  2. 5% on any magic stat is a joke. 5% of 300 moon/astral is 15 with other bad stats. Much better if using lv13-16 rings. Ice queen only good with physical damage since no other rings/amulet with that stat
  3. At present with any skills on melee class would not bring balance against range class. If anyone disagree with this then high possibility his/her main char is a range class
  4. slay

    paladin with shelid

    It depend on ur class build and nothing to do with stupid/smart xD If u plan to be a dps tank then 2h weapon is the best choice, again there r 2 dps types which are based on speed build or penetration build, means its axe or hammer. Similar implementation with 1h weapon since weapon type has its specialty. If u want to be a support type then u should pick mace with astral stat
  5. Yes tung, that's what I meant, experience ppl won't be tricked with taunt at all, they always prepared for that.
  6. slay

    paladin with shelid

    Pls find ur answer in the other topic in this class. I'm a shield lover and I suggest u to lvl up ur paladin to lv19/20 because fighting at lv14 is much more easier
  7. I'm using it all the time bro, I know how its work. What class u r playing and at what level now? Some people stay at lv14 in arena and its much easier than lv19-20 arena. I hope u r not that lv14 kind. If u r lv19-20 pls tell me ur name here because I want to be ur arena partner (if u r elf/chosen)
  8. slay

    Hate elfs

    Choose elfs because most of noobs and looser change to mc/saken for easy mode
  9. Use minion is the answer. U got free 3 minions there, use it wisely. Most ppl feel hard bcause they r playing so rush and get killed so often due to careless. Chosen have more quests with very low exp reward.
  10. When u use taunt u will lose 1 second for the animation only, and the animation so easy to notice. Any range class won't be tricked unless for new players. Again, it won't make u closer to anyone, yes u r making animation like pulling something but nothing become closer by doing it
  11. My paladin heal will be 1k at lv30. Elf/chosen design for pro hardcore players. Mc/shaken for children nuff said
  12. slay


    There is no PvP cave, that cave is paradise when I got a killing daily quest. I love killing self proclaim afk pro in there. I love killing no life ppl there.
  13. Omg, u r replying a post that made 2 yrs ago x(
  14. Keep guard the stairs! Please scream in the world chat if you see enemies, even low level! I will come to smack their butt off! Merdekaaaaa!
  15. Just want to fix wrong information about fetter of justice. I mostly play paladin and judge from ppl here they don't play paladin. FoJ its not range, its close range stopper (not stun since u can still do normal attack). If you see its like a range skill its because miss position in device because of the internet sync. Any range always can run although caught by any melee classes, ranger use scatter, druid use root/bees, shaman use blind/eart, necro use sleep, priest use arm, warlock use circle/fear. Melee just can't kill any range class fast unless its extremely high amped. Taunt won't help u getting closer, lol. Opponent only loosing target but will tap on you again
  16. I know they won't ban him but knowing his guild mate telling about his cheating method so funny and stupid
  17. Lol only short brain ppl think multi 10 chars by himself. Ofc it will involving 5-10 ppl playing together especially if the account owner have many dogs around him to do it
  18. LOL I hope the Mods following their own rule reading Spanish words about Hassn using 7-10 tablets which is bring imbalance in the game and a "cheater way" to get gp fast and win the tournament. Hassn got banned because of his own guild member words in forum is just EPIC!
  19. Dear Mods, Would you please change my name from Slay to Robotank since I quit my BD Thanks
  20. 4 fights = 2/2 draw, we could win if the last fight not got sudden lag, Ktpn energy regen so low, Zerg can beat him if not lag, he running around from Zerg :blush: We cancel further match because of lagspear. We are not afraid compete with them with some low amp ;D We will own you next time for sure pros :pleasantry: because we r the real pros
  21. Amp it in several days, slowly, maybe 1 set per day
  22. The OP thing is that dark circle mechanics is the same with ranger trap but its 3x3 radius wide. Its similar with 5-8 rangers laying traps together lmao. The different is the trap can be seen. The radius is too big that make any opponent should avoid it by moving around and wasting too much time while the dark circle in cooling down. Just make this skill has higher chance to fail or longer cd duration like 30 seconds or even more
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