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  1. yeah this if for the guild BIHG (Beer In Hand Gamers)
  2. crapdooku

    BIHG guild chat

    Whats up fellas. Were gonna chat here about guild matters and shit like that so use as you please :dirol:
  3. thanks for all the help ::)
  4. whats up. im trying to find out if their are any items that give you 5% astral, u know like ice queen does for phisycal attk. anyone know?
  5. hey everyone ;D .. im trying to find out what boss to farm for lvl 13 necro gear?? anyone got a location for me? thanks for help :drinks:
  6. im havin trouble picking my other two skills. bleed is maxed and weak as shit. is roar any good maxed?? i had stun maxed and was happy with it but i've never maxed out roar. let me know whats up fellas.thanx.
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