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  1. So the new boss Asterius has been slayed by Evilhealer and his Friends(presidentmc,helllboyy,btat,vloraaa) :pleasantry: :drinks: 4th floor of the tower done with 4 people active with 3 stamina, one had left as he (Vloraaa :tease: ) had only 1 stamina while entering :wacko: None of us had to use life scrolls. BUG: Out of 4 in our party just 1 got the quest reward, Wreath of the moon (we all had taken that quest).
  2. hii i have a shaman (pretty good one) one and i visit lab frequently farm/quest both. i just wanna know if mage would be a good class to farm astral lab. i mean are mages wanted on the elf side for going to lab? i know priest is a must n good but still mage seems "cool" dont mind d spelling mistakes ..m in a hurry
  3. selling this rare item. i got an offer for 400k.. u can still bid me a better offer ;D server -us sapphire faction-mc/saken just pm me ur name ill contact u in game...
  4. just send me a private message wid ur name ill contact u in game
  5. selling this rare item. I got an offer for 400k.. u can still bid me a better offer ;D server -us sapphire faction-mc/saken
  6. hi fellas, ive got around 500k at elf side. which i want to be at mc side. as i no longer play elf, only play at mc.i play at us sapphire. any suggestions on how to do that without getting scammed ;D
  7. well lvled my quake to 2 now when 16 will make it 3 :drinks:
  8. well cuz both cant be at 5 while i am at lvl 15 :facepalm:
  9. there are so many elves at us server that they can actually camp 20 of them at stairs left of elf t4. just so we cant do cl :bad:
  10. hi fellas, just tried to make it with humour, hope you all like it ;D
  11. It was still early dawn when i woke up,I was missing those days when long ago I lived along the most highest of mountains in a castle along with my father who was the king. As the princess of irselnort my life was full of luxuries. I used to spend hours playing with my pet dragon avenga, she was all cute and cuddly. Once while playing she swallowed the key to the palace. When father tried to redeem the key from her, she spit fire upon dad “the king” of irselnort and burnt his shiny beard. Dad raging with anger :diablo: banished her into the secret sanctuary. Heavily guarded by the animated armors and their commander, the powerful demonologist. Who then turned Avenga into stone, and stayed there to guard the statue. Days passed by and I turned into a beautiful and insanely attractive princess. I wanted to marry the palace guard’s son. But my father refused!! Locked me in my chambers. I was heartbroken and in vain I cried, cried for my love. As my tears touched the snowy palace there was a huge thunder and it stormed like never before. The gods were angry they turned everyone including father into crystals of snow. All four kings who came to win my hand stayed back in hopes someday they will win my heart, as if i cared :bad: . Today a brave hero, one whom his friends call akashlord ;D had come to slay me and free the people who got trapped here. The so called hero along with his brother a very powerful necromancer called evilhealer and his party of shamans found the secret sanctuary. I saw them slay my avenga who now had become a huge dragon called avenger, I could do nothing for my avenga. They took the key from her ashes. I saw them make their way into the mountains. I said to the four kings of the four directions” whoever slays this Akash and his friends can marry me”. But even the kings aquillion, wulturn and favanoy could not match his valour, the fourth king ran like a noob upon seeing this hero, hence his name is a mystery to me. Akash and his friends entered my chambers,they all were tired and hurt but in an instant were healed by the shamans and the necro. The hero swung his blade to cut the storm protecting me n came and fought me, every hit of the my storm took half his blood, but the necro kept healing him :facepalm: . I could see my avenga calling me as I was lulled into dream,and seeing his oppurtunity he slayed me with his shiny “blade of sudden doom” :bomb: . I now speak in the form of a magical ring, a ring in the hands of the brave hero Akash.
  12. druid are just best at being a sparring partner for a shman. shaman are best at pvp. ive never seen a druid kill a shaman who is equally amped n has the right skill build. druids best at pvp!!thats just a huge rumour ur spreading :diablo:
  13. guys i still didnt get the answer i neede. if i heal 149 with heal at lvl3 then how much would i heal at lvl5 . above numbers are just examples:)
  14. 5 heal vs giving atleast 4 to ball?? i need for pvp if my power hits are too low i dont think i can kill a priest. he'll just drain my mana while i heal
  15. resil is much much bettr for all kinds of class. but its the best choice for melle classes like shamans. enemy cant get close even if he does he should not deal crit damage :clapping:
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