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  1. omg anyone tell me how to make amp staff is easy :facepalm: i buy 3k today,got 10 set signs,and 5 set just for make my staff priest from +1 just going +5 :'( :'( :wacko: :wacko:
  2. for first time, at 12-08-2013 almost 8 hours without reach kotaravva :facepalm: :'(
  3. its so hard to got ring 13 with astral and sun :facepalm:
  4. selling gt hood 80k garansi elf druid
  5. +6 staaff and +5 all its enough? or i need more?
  6. guys,what a best gear for 13/14 priest? for arena poin i wanna use arena armor cloth 14 but dnt have extra sun dmg anyone tell me
  7. did rondel doom good for BD? right hand abyss gladius left hand Rondel doom
  8. why when we got +8 amp the world chat show it? im afraid if someone tries to hack our acc,..cause my friend amp staff +8 sudenly a few days later,someone use his char...and he say "who use my char :diablo: " its incorect pass name bd vaaa ,druid xiaoxue
  9. anyone can help me trade gold in eu to us ;D
  10. helo helo helo why online suport never active? whereas if it is active will be very helpfull,we could be reporting directly if there is a fraudulent,racist,hacker ppl,bug or anything... what if pointing ppl trusted GM from ws players ,1 from each faction to be online suport? and certainly that person should be absolutely fair and honest ;) :( ::) :aggressive: :aggressive: :bad: ;D :blush: :bomb: O:-) :clapping: :cray: :crazy: :diablo: :dirol: :drinks: :fool: :friends: :give_rose: :give_rose: :good: :lol: :mega_shok: :nea: :pardon: :pleasantry: :rofl: :search: :shok: :shout: :) :sorry: :tease: :unknw: :wacko: :yahoo: :'( 8) :facepalm: i dnt knw where expresion were must i show u wkwkwkk
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