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  1. well i use a shield and have nearly 3k def and im only lvl 14. it takes me ages to die and when im with a ranger we smash because they cant pass me or they both try take me out fisrt and get no where fast :dirol: . and if you have a high amped mace (axes are stupid) then you do enough dmg to help win the battle any way. :lol:
  2. I was just wondering what people would say and what people like about the sheild on a paladin because i hardly ever see people using sheild. so for the peopld that do i would like to know what they like about the sheild and thing like that ;)
  3. whos thinks the shelid is stupid for a paladin?? comment what you think and how you would arena with your plaldin.
  4. tommo


    Parry and block are good i agree but did you think about the fact that warlocks or shamans, druid (ect) cannot parry your attacks or block them. but if you have dodge you can dodge them. my mate has 26% dodge when using his dodge set and hes a bd lvl 20. most warlock shamans druid dont see bds using dodge so you get the upper hand. ive renctly changed from using parry on my bd to dodge and its heaps better and same with my paladin. (eu-emerald) megaswords bd lvl 17 tomington pala lvl 14
  5. 1 warlock vs 2 blade dancers :bad: (no chance) 2 warlocks vs 2 blade dances :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: ( i stand there and do nothing :lol: )
  6. i play war spear on an android phone and i am always getting lost connection with surver. fix it soon please. i try by uninstalling it but now i cant even login. so fix it soon please :diablo:
  7. some people wont to earn money but can only farm mobs. witch can get really boring :unknw: , so why cant we quest and farm at the same time like the blue quest, but with out xp for the ppl that dont wish/wont to level up any more. :good:
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