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  1. This is very funny. Every update adds more outfits for zoophiles, necrophiles and gays. I just wonder how many people use it. Anyway I see again if i would continue play i wouldn't have anything to do 4th month.. Do you think you will success if you will copy everything from tibiame? Skill points sucks. Of course you won't reply this. No courage, huh? And the next will be auction house like in tibia, boss raids, quests for male&female, minimum level etc. Unique game became crap..
  2. Nie. Nie będę już grać. Mam tylko jedną prośbę. Bijcie Sinscale ile wlezie. Jeżeli ktoś coś chce sie zapytać to pisać pm na forum merta. /Siwers: Usunięte/zmienione obraźliwe treści
  3. Nie będę się tu rozpisywać.. Rezygnuje ze stanowiska moderatora. Szukajcie sobie nowego
  4. Now it's my turn leave moderator position. I won't write any lies here. The game advance too slow. Last update changed nothing to me except bugs which should be fixed in january. Since 2,3 months I had nothing to do in game and on forum too. Also you don't reply my questions.. I will not be waiting year or two for game which never will be functionally working. Those are main reasons of my resignation. Bye
  5. SENTINELS EMERALD: I want to exchange cloistered pollaxe(13lvl 2h axe) with acute claymore (13lvl 2h sword). Bonuses are the same. I just prefer sword, even if axe looks more spectacular.
  6. Please check this number +48794xxx954, from Poland.
  7. Armor from boss? Like in tavern shop or just bought?
  8. Jak gram od początku gry tak jeszcze nie widziałem was nigdy w grze
  9. Hey, I also didn't receive free miracle coins yet.
  10. W tej chwili to działa tak że każdy twój level podnosi efekt skila. Np parry blade dancera na 1lvl daje 2,4 parry a na 2lvl 2,9. Tak samo leczenie i ataki. Cyferki przy skilach na razie sa zbugowane bo czesc ma 5lvl a nowi caly czas 1lvl
  11. First of all 2 blades have almost same attack speed as 2h weapon. One hand sword and shield dont reduce atk speed so it is really good. Plus extra defense,healt bonus, block chance any kind of atk as dodge and extra slot to enchant defense. Maybe some reflection damage skill in future? :D Like barbarian roar skill 20lvl- 20% reflect damage to enemy. PERFECT SKILL for tank!
  12. You want more? Indo invaded tibiame so much that indonesian is now main language on whole 30 game worlds about 1000 players per world. And game masters will do absolutely nothing with it. In that case many european players finished and play warspear now. About others game they have now online moderators who keep eye on world chat to speak english, who ignores it gets mute on chat- that thing must be done here too. Believe me or not but if they would they could take over russian server too..
  13. Now you see what happen when indo play mmo. Destroy everything and make the game crap like tibiame, world of dragons, anrufen online, age of heroes online etc. All these games i played and quit because of indo people. Good thing that moderators here take care of this and keep it up. And non indo players should be unblocked.
  14. My favourite class will be Chosen Knight. Why? Because my blade dancer can't use 2h swords and axes, shields also. Attack speed of twinblades are almost slow as 2h weapon so it is not big difference. Shields should be more useful..1,6% change to block is a big joke..
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