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  1. Mooh

    Stoopit leader

    Thats a great idea. I don't know how the actual system will look later but im sure its gonna be good for the people who lost their leads. As i saw, it does not only affect us 🐍
  2. Mooh

    Stoopit leader

    Ye ik 🐬 it wont change until the update that changes that system comes out. Until then they will survive, its not the biggest loss but it'll be harder. I do hope it happens soon because i know this is not the only guild where it happened and i dont want hundreds of players in each server leave the game because of their leaders dark decisions We'll stay put
  3. Mooh

    Stoopit leader

    Breaking the rules or not, I shouldn't be responsible for the suffering of many. Just for my own. I totally respect these bans that happened but the poor guild and its other leaders cant take the consequences of my selfish, shortsighted behavior. I was hella mad at the gms for letting bug abuses go by in the past when they were committed by rich ppl that burst tons of money into the game. Like when the mcoin shop was bugged and ppl recorded buying THOUSANDS of sets of stam and signs. And, what a miracle, no one got punished. I saw people abusing another bug i happened to find out about, but i
  4. Mooh

    Stoopit leader

    That does not sound very fair, but also its confusing me. Isn't the lead of a guild transferred after 2 weeks automatically?
  5. Thank god they only modified templar bd and druid and didnt continue buffing rangers
  6. This is the cutest shit I've ever seen Oinky the piglet ftw🐖🐷🐽💙❤️
  7. Gg. Honestly. I like the way you actually start taking care of ws again and producing real quality content :3 😚 kissies for that Also i took a look on the new costumes and the unicorn one reminds me of what Sunless (Eu) designed once, i loved the idea back then and im happy to see a similar design was added to The game Im looking forward to christmas
  8. ARE YOU SERIOUS??? IF YES I luvvvvv yu Just the prices need to go down a little. I understand that the dmg buffs are op but it's hard to obtain these imps after all 😊
  9. YWhat about low lvl accesories. Tf for real. is this change permanent? If so, add low lvl accesories to arena shops. I want justice for all the hundreds of euros i invested into my lvl 14s @Holmes
  10. Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man! 

    Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man!! 

    Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man!!! 



  11. I think both sides need to reconsider. I see you're from US and it seems like Mcs are strong there but here in EU elves clearly have the upper hand and due to very toxic elf guilds that lead their faction, its not very delightful to stand against them. Mages and Palas are very very annoying classes and druids.... Are almost the worst pvp enemies for us. So annoying endless heals and shields.... Hhhh But apparently you face a similar problem just with different sides in US so i get your point
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