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  1. legion why u not add me :( eveyrday since last 2 months i log in and check ;// pelase bro
  2. Hey guys , i playing with deathknight now, and i dont knwo what to take spear or sowrd with shield.. does he good tank with shield?
  3. yo legion. i was stoped to play WS, and i back now. i am rly active now. Can u add me to clan? 17 lvl ranger . i still remember when Champz and Timeuss helped me alot :)
  4. i dnt think ws girls is hot,looking at avatars..
  5. Dovas15


    i very want to try but if only russian play in that server i cant play.. I understand that language
  6. send message to support,dont create topics
  7. u mean, u want to join to Anonymous clan?
  8. Dovas15


    ''Buy miracle coins and then you can login'' Aigrind
  9. bye dude :( i miss good fb ranger
  10. i never been in 3x3 lol
  11. i understand why just US server is broken ;/ lol i created character in EU :D
  12. also ,u need waste many arena tcks to reach that bow,but yeah i agree with u
  13. new arena is cool but its very hard to reach 8k pts,if u are not miracle shop addict
  14. good job, warspear tradicion ,before update all war
  15. u can go in Taverm category,there Warspear players sharing photos in real life
  16. this is game forum not facebook..
  17. many players lose arne caz partner is afk.so 2v1 not fair
  18. Dovas15


    yeah i stuck with my ranger..
  19. i think this is not ur problems :give_rose: let people creat topics,who cares,u dont like it - dont check :good:
  20. i dont need money .i cant buy arena items for money! i have very weak gera caz i was fail with amping ;/
  21. hi ,wtf aigrind u doing?! I haved 5000 arena pts ,i almost can buy bow + i have just heavy bow caz my previuos bow was burn from amp,its so hard to reach 5k pts for me,and now all my pts converted to money!wtf! Omg plz give me back my pts! I spended many tickets from shop,also i always lose, do u know how many times i need go arena for 5k pts!? + now all get less amuot pts..shame aigrind..u just want to players buy mcoins and buy tickets..
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