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  1. legion why u not add me :( eveyrday since last 2 months i log in and check ;// pelase bro
  2. Hey guys , i playing with deathknight now, and i dont knwo what to take spear or sowrd with shield.. does he good tank with shield?
  3. yo legion. i was stoped to play WS, and i back now. i am rly active now. Can u add me to clan? 17 lvl ranger . i still remember when Champz and Timeuss helped me alot :)
  4. i dnt think ws girls is hot,looking at avatars..
  5. Dovas15


    i very want to try but if only russian play in that server i cant play.. I understand that language
  6. send message to support,dont create topics
  7. u mean, u want to join to Anonymous clan?
  8. Dovas15


    ''Buy miracle coins and then you can login'' Aigrind
  9. bye dude :( i miss good fb ranger
  10. i never been in 3x3 lol
  11. i understand why just US server is broken ;/ lol i created character in EU :D
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