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  1. Many people say many bad things about other people and noone in the game is ever in the right place People say 'You're a mcoins spammer, get a life' what's wrong with that? It's part of the game and how is that an insult. Others might say also 'You're poor you can't afford signs to amp' but what's wrong with that, strength doesnr just come from amps but from skills also. Another one is 'You need to be more sociable outside the game other than farming' but how else would you get good equips (even if no kotaravva there). 'You're weak just quit game' everyone was weak at some point so of people did leave then warspear is gone and boring, furthermore being strongest is probably no fun. This proves that there are hypocrites and many jealousy people in the game. Insulting and bullying people through game is low life. People who do this probably have bad real life. I just thought I post this because many many stupid people who need to rethink what they say in game. Sorry my english is not good good good.
  2. What type of music? Favourite singer/band
  3. lol u not list :P u jealous ♥♥♥♥♥hhhhh ;D Not my fault no many ppl vote for her xD ladyseth is ugly lol asiab :bad: :bad: :bad:
  4. THE WINNER: Kiyomi and Ladygi! Ugliest: Ladyseth Congratulation, you guys win nothing!
  5. :blush: Answer b i t c h e s. :blush:
  6. Make a bucket list before you die, what would you put in?
  7. So who are the best couples in warspear?? and who likes who? xD
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