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  1. My skill is only 2/4, at level 1 accuracy stays 50% , as I said before 5% dex increases with each skill.
  2. Attack speed increases 5% each skill point, my dex was 4.5% with skill 2/4 it's 19.4
  3. RIGHT now for 1/4, and 2/4 increases dex not accuracy
  4. I leveled it to 2/4 and it's pretty freaking awsome I love How fast I attack and How I don't miss. Your thoughts? ::) ;D
  5. No, Mages need a extra damage increase or something because against melees we are okay That's no problem, it's the healing classes I have a problem with, ever since the magic update all healing classes rule the game. How is a healer beating every single class? Healers need to be nerfed especially priest and Druid. I bet a +10 Druid/priest beats any class +10 if they are using it right.
  6. To do chainless on Mc don't make one huge war for chainless, all you gotta do is wait for the perfect time when no elfs are the the stairs and go kill whtever you need. I've done chainless on all of my chars. In one day (Individually Ofcourse ).
  7. Mages are the worst caster in the game. With no heals you would think devs would give us damage increase or atleast more damaging skills
  8. I respect you r0land. But Those mechanics must've bugged my staff or something. Or is it just bad luck? I find it very unfair. I threw away my money away, the reason of sending money is to get what you want. And what I wanted doesn't cost or is worth me repeatedly spending cash.
  9. Luck... That's all I get? Wow. I'm definitely done. 20Sets for a +6 staff yes I'm very lucky r0land Thanks. Dont waste time or money buying coins it's all luck so I'll try no sign next time :mega_shok: :facepalm:
  10. This is my opinion only about the amping system of warspear. If you don't like it, Oh well it is my opinion about the system. I am only providing facts from my warspear experience . Anyway, so for the past few months I've been trying to amp my arena stave to +7 for a long time now. I used around 20-25sets of signs trying to make this staff +7. They ALL failed literally all of them. Now, for years of Warspear people have been asking for How the amp system works. Nothing was said DEVELOPERS keep this a secert from us. I saw a video on YouTube that a guy went +10 with one sign. So I don't see why I should keep repeatedly spending 5-20$ on warspear for nothing to happen. That's basically me putting my money in a blender. So now new arena weapons are out! Got my new staff yesterday! Bought 3 sets of signs and went to work. All was Well until I reached +4. That's right +4, 2 sets of signs failed on +4. Making it completely useless to use because my old staff did more. So I basically wasted my mcoins and a good 10$ that could've went to something better. R0land, SNorlax, this is very unfair to me nd several others who have this "AMPING CURSE" . I'd like a response. Thanks.
  11. Mine is 3/3 and doesn't work either
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