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  1. Thnx for the suggestion bro, actually m out of town so wrote this story on mobile so little ugly. Anyway I modified it hope u like it now....:)
  2. Nah bro its not bad story, its nice. I enjoyed reading it :).
  3. I thought genre was a day in monster life, u need to have a look through monster, NPC smthing. Dont we....???
  4. Another glorious morning of Arinar. Birds were chirping and so the nephrite warthog and pumas fighting with each other. "This land is ours", said the warthog. "You cant capture our land", said puma. The shouting was reaching the home of Velaid, the commanding leader of sentinel army. "Not again, these pumas and warthog again started fight" Velaid said to himself. "Gaurd" shouted the Velaid, "go and kill them both, these monsters are fighting and shouting like Hell over here". Gaurds goes quickly and killed both of them. "Now I should be prepared to go to the foot of grey hills and have a look around there to see if everything going well" said the Velaid to himself. He was preparing himself suddenly he heard alarm siren. "Omg whats it now", said Velaid and rushed to grey mountains. The scene was really amazing. There were legion warrior everywhere fighting with the sentinel army. "Who opened that dark gate" said Velaid. "I accidentally casted my spell upon that gate and it opened, I am really very sorry sir Velaid" said a sorcerer in low voice. "Hmmmm we shall put those legion fighters back to cave inside grey mountain as soon as its possible" said Velaid, "Gaurds to battle" yelled Velaid. And the furious fight began to start. But the fight was going in favor of legion warrior as they were more in quantity. "We need reinforcement, ask Arnold to help us as soon as possible" said Velaid to Gaurd. Gaurd conveyed this message to Arnold. Arnold send reinforcement in no time and a hero with them. It was a paladin. "A paladin, with you we might have a fighting chance now", said Velaid. Their army drove off the legion warrior back towarda the cave and the seal was once again activated. "Phew! We won the battle" said Velaid. But suddenly the sorcerer turned into smoke and there was a necromancer standing there. "You can't fail my plans so easily, I came here to kill you all one by one. This land will belong to legions soon, hahahaha" said the necromancer. "Oh no, we were cheated. Its a legion warrior. Gaurds prepare your arms, lets show him what sentinel army is", said Velaid. "Leave this task to me sir Velaid", a voice came from group of soldiers. It was paladin standing with a fiercing hammer in his hand, which was shining. And the battle begin between paladin and necromancer. Necromancer called dark spirits casting reincarnation which caused two of the legion warrior to rise from earth. "You kill that necro, ill handle these puppets" said Velaid. "Your army is weak, they cant stop me", said necro and he again put his staff in the air and the next scene caused such a shock to sentinels army. It was sentinels soldiers who died in battle, raised and were fighting against sentinels. Velaid shouted in anger "kill them all". It was very furious fight. As soldiers were being dead and necro summoning them and so the fight becoming tougher and tougher. Paladin got a chance and hit necro. It caused necro to loose concentration and all his summoned deads were, dead again. He quickly strikes the necro and necro was captured. Velaid called gaurds with few woods and burned the necro in land of grey mountains. "We are finally saved from this doom day", said Velaid. Its was really a very hard fight for sentinel army. Velaid was agian gone to further survey of area. After sometime he saw a mage standing in grey mountain foots. "Hey you! Could u help me please" Said Velaid. "It would b my honor to serve you sir Velaid, what it is..??" yelled mage. "Due to severe fight here, my chain-mail is broken, can you get the way to caravan and get me a new chain-mail" said Velaid. "ya sure whynot", said mage. And after few hours mage returned with a safe chain-mail. "Here it is sir velaid", said mage. "Thank you" said Velaid and gave him some magical power book saying, " It will help you to be stronger". "Thank you sir Velaid", said mage and teleported. "Hah, I am exhausted, waiting for day to finish so I can finally go to sleep." said Velaid. Its not really easy to have a peaceful day for peoples. Suddenly a Gaurd brings orders for Velaid given by Arnold. Arnold said that Velaid should go and survey southern side of kamp riff. Few ogres are causing destruction over there. Velaid took a squad of army and move towards southern side of kamp riff. He saw a legion barbarian was with ogres standing there and giving commands to ogre to kill sentinels and their village. "Stop right there", said Velaid, "You won't b forgiven for such a task". "Who want your foolish forgiveness, do whatever you can. I'll be sure that no one of you goes from here survived", said the barbarian. "Ogres charge". And the battle begin. Gaurds fighting ogres. And Velaid was fighting barbarian. "The enemy is tougher than I thought" Velaid Suddenly a light came from behind barbarian and a bolt of electricity hit him and he died. "An elven druid", said Velaid. "Sir Arnold send me here. He said go and see why sir Velaid taking so much time", said druid. And it was again win of sentinel army. Wounded soldiers were taken to kamp riff for healing. Velaid returned to foot of grey hills and seeing all is fine, he marched towards Arnold and said, " Its already night sir Arnold, I am exhausted and need some sleep. I am going to sleep at tent. Order me if you need me". And so another day ended peacefully in the world of Arinar.
  5. funny but lets see lolz............. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. Imao! This is idiotic list. I cant see better player on list and even i dont heard about most of those pple. Hey! where is my bd i nvr saw a barb killing me. And rockzzz imao he can just run and kill or cme in group to kill u but pvp lol....... Funny though... I WANNA PVP LEUKAKA THOUGH:.. Srry for wrong spelling :D
  7. shubhs

    Indian community

    wah...!!!! nice indian community.... hope it grow powerful and adventurus.... gud luck guys to make mems...
  8. nice logiccccc :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. uuuuuppppppppppppppppdddddddddaaaaaaaatttttttttttttteeeeeeeeee....... :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:
  10. who said so all pro use bg armor endurance for pvp... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: if u dont use means no one use.... :bad: :bad:
  11. well how can u say spear most powerful weapon in game :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: and just imagine a bd with heal isnt easy to b killed though heal is just given once.... anyhow we dont know much about the char atm so dont start to assume who win.......
  12. Plllzzz kuzz make it fast.... we waiting for update from so long time.... Its already 19:00 at india........plz make it fast kuzz :facepalm: :facepalm: :sorry: :sorry: ....
  13. paladin can easily beat dk bcoz its hard to kill shaman and druid bcoz they heal themselves with low def while pala can heal itself with heavy armor... high def and heal is gud combo... and thought when opponent is in influence of shackle of justice, it receive extra damage from pala purification for some time.......pala is op and will surely beat dkk ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
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