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  1. koskiller

    Skill Build

    still if u dont get ps=5..i think u doing injustice....
  2. its idiotic to be in russian server..u can never understand them...can never complete the game...most russian english bad...i recomend u to go change server to sappire or emerald...rest is ur choice...ranger n rogue r 2 good class which r fun to be.... but i would like u to be what u like...after all its ur game ;)
  3. same i thought i wrote it earlier the same thing ;D but i said usa v terrorist of afgan-pakistan :bomb:
  4. merry xmas ;D ...no gifts from santa of game?? :facepalm: WAIT all those who have santa costume owe me a gift 8)
  5. then theres no fun out there...all quests are easy in any game...only when ppl disturb u its when the interest comeswhat ppl will do on completing all quests n not fight??waste of time :bad: shit children cant see the WAR in warspear...if no war = boring game... :facepalm:
  6. scout! no need to talk to idiots..we even dont know that this guy has mc accout or not ..lol
  7. koskiller

    Skill Build

    strange.....ss=1 :wacko:
  8. name 2-3 best rangers of ur server... note best is not rich noob...but ppl who help others...honest frendly n ofc atleast have good euips but this counts less in weightage....no scamers or idiots with lvl10 equips should be named...this isnt the list which tells u who hits max but the list which says who is more good a person ;) pls dont vote urself/..if u think u best then name second best ppl :clapping: i vote(very hard for me) us sappire scout , constugg ::) others not far behind ;)
  9. koskiller

    HELP !

    idiots :crazy:
  10. Continuation of war from my prev post
  11. server faction wars....ofc elevn victory 8)
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