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  1. This is just a banana, simple, yellow, funny, random, not like what is already in warspear. Consists of a latex yellow banana suit with a pair of brown sneakers for when you're on the go and you gotta split. Well thats it. Laugh away
  2. Woo read back and laughed quite a bit. I'm an MC/ forsaken user and I do agree on one common though: warlock is OP. Bit flawed what with the chance of fear breaking instantly or screen lag giving you false character positions. But they do bounce back, well those with a brain anyways. On melee, i like paladin as top melee just cuz their hit skill gets a huge boost in dmg compared to barb. Bd in second, rogue 3rd dk n barb can have 4th. I agree with the fact that all melee are virtually useless against ranged classes. Win rate of range v melee is about 10%. I dont agree mc is op. We got some ups compared to fb/chosen side. We got field control, but u have higher dps. Overall yea its unbalanced. Mc classes are more arena oriented. Forsakens as well. But faction v faction, population affects that. But if say on even numbers then il agree mcsaken is op. I rly dont care, game went south after dec ampdare and now with making money off guild upgrades by charging you signs. On topic.. Yes mc op on some points, but not completely op.
  3. Edge n Afro suck... jk lol where u been afro :/ been ages since i see u overkilling a defenseless lvl20 lmao ascetic.. should use edge as a name instead lol. better pop back too man help me kill some bunnies, they op still. hope u both doin good away from this bore of a game
  4. Masstank


    Thats alot of false accusations there. Each farm group has their own set.of rules on drop sharing and can maybe be unfair. But they knew what they were probably getting into. And this does not make them scammers. And if u really have no proof, dont try and offend two people by calling them lesbians if u have no solid proof. Just makes u look bad...
  5. I owe alot to few ppl that everyone mentioned here.I owe so much to warlion, thx to xsayax, ellyson, chronoz,icemanxxx and few more. Warlion helped me out when I needed it. Saw anihalator post lol yea hes helped me out alot too. We teamed up n helped questers doing main quest bosses. Im up to help if u need it ppl but catch me when im not doing anything. Im gonna start helping out with chainless runs more like I used to a year ago. Lets get our newcomers geared. Afterall we are only as strong as our weakest link. Im a rusted link chain :) but il do my part. Miss the old timers that helped out like theodoric and lordguans. Nows our turn to do our part. If ur going on a chanlless run. Hit me up n il assist. Chainless is always fun. :drinks:
  6. Why is boogey from nightmare before christmas there ? I want a costume that makes me look like a burlap sack :)
  7. Its fun lol but the mobs got a short respawn time so gotta move fast before u get swarmed. Also the portals send u to a different place. Like theres 3. I went in the middle one twice and got sent to different placeS. So my theory. Everyone is getting sent somewhere randomly. So a whole pt may not end up in same area :D guess new way to make friends now lol.
  8. Lmao went thru a portal n died cuz of a red crown mob blending in scenery. Hit me 2k n I went down :D while tanking 2 yellow crowns. Damn that was fun as hell.
  9. lmao sounds fun. goodluck pissing off some elves. ill tag along whenever I decide to log on. haha btw. name is pretty good lol looney house ;)
  10. Masstank


    stats on lvl15 rogue :lol:
  11. lmao u ran from me. and if I recall u potted and kept trying to run away from me. :lol:but yea it didn't work out. so don't say u don't run jaw cuz. that's a load of bs n u knoe it :shok: :shok: if u were gonna waste pots u should have done so tryin to kill me instead of trying to run. :crazy:
  12. look manley I contributed to ur thread like I said I would ;D unfortunately Idk wht elfs say when they see me but I can guess by their body language. elf runs at me turns around n runs back. tells me he saying "duck its ulti need more help "5secs later elf returns with his pt my guess is he saying "think we got enough. get her" :facepalm: this applies to all who have seen an elf run just to come bqck with more ppl. and I like it when an elf says we run away all the time. yea mc run away. lol I see rangers leave a battlefield as soon as one elf falls. lol only mc i know that runs away is rokzz. #1 mthing elf say is mc noobs usually comes after they got their ass kicked :rofl:
  13. wish u good luck with everything and stay strong. we all wait for ur return. so make a speedy recovery. ill keep u in my prayers patahhati
  14. lmao ur not the real owner of icefoxnova or kitnova. unless ur the real fox who supposedly passed away. ir is donovan another persona of urs. both did talk so similar.... lol just sad if its true u lied about dying just to make friends again but hell whatev. fox I knew was cool she mayhave been troubled but she was always true. lol guess she's nothing but a dream -_-
  15. Shaman/Druid, the most expensive classes in game :D unless u dont go heal and go full moon.
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