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  1. Please. Drop some info on this topic. Some of us, guild owners, are stucked with banned leaders and can't move on as guild. We need a solution. I'm sure I expended more than 3000€ in this game, I think as a player and also as a costumer I deserve both respect and an answer about this topic. TY. Cool incoming update BTW.
  2. So we abandoned to our luck? Anyway hope is not a crime to ask. Many did quit, others will, and I guess I will too if they dnt fix this soon. Feel a bit scammed. Not cool.
  3. And any news about when will we be able to get our guilds leadership back? Many leaders got banned cause their wrong personal choice and some guilds with more than one leader are tied up, can't do anything, can't derank or rank heirs, can't kick inactive heirs can't use gold in wh and makes annoying selling items to guildmates. Please we need any news cause we used lots of real MO ey in this game for many years and worked hard for having a op guild and now we can't do anything until new sistem of transferring inactive leadership it's available. Not fair. Again, we used lots of real money and we not able to play properly. Not fair.... Any news?
  4. Animal

    Stoopit leader

    Good to know. Ty nolan Indeed. Gold is kidnapped until we get new system.
  5. Animal

    Stoopit leader

    I guess most of us will quit if we dnt find a solution. Ty, I guess.
  6. Animal

    Stoopit leader

    Hello, please I need advice. Me and few friends own a guild, we expend months to gather 12M gold to buy it and leadership was shared by 4/5 players who put money for it. One of us, our current leader, found a bug and the stoopit used it without any of the rest knowledge and now he's baned and we (the others) can't get lead now. Please drop some info about what to do. Cause we worked hard for it, and it's not our fault one of us cheated without our knowledge. It's a level 8 guild and we doin great job but now players are starting leaving, cs we have all gold for stmnas and pots in wh
  7. Wearing a wolf ain't it dope? Classic barbarian ABSENTA-EU EMERALD
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