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  1. So if I heal as a druid, does it heal me for 1 tic or 5?
  2. In Eu elfs won 3-1 and we got only 2 stars. Still didn't get hp or dmg buff like it said in chat, only energy and hp regen.
  3. Could you change resilience for something else? Like skill cd or better relic trigger chance. The 10% resi is bad for dgs where you already have to tank mobs that hit 500+.
  4. Did you devs even try the dgs yourself? Where is the point if +5 can't do them? This update so far sucks. Also who ever suggested that heal should aggro, could you fire him/her.
  5. Fix the duration of the "chaos pot" in pvp place. Way too short now, lasts like 20s.
  6. I don't think bee silence is that big of a deal, since they are usually used at the same time as root.
  7. Does this mean I can get heal to all my basic skills?
  8. New druid skill blocks ~350dmg on lvl 1 and heals ~400. 4/4 it blocks 1,2kdmg and heals 1,5k. Cooldown 60s.
  9. Was the druids skill invigorating stream meant to fully restore energy or just part of it, becouse it did restore all of it? Ofc not a bad thing. And could you reduce cooldown of healing barrier on lower lvls. On lvl 1, 300dmg reduce with 1 minute cd seems a bit high. On 4/4 the 1min cd is fine.
  10. How much is the palas skill going to increase def? For now it seems like pala got bad skill again...
  11. Also the people with only arena weapons are going to have a hard time before getting a new one.
  12. This ferocity honestly does nothing good for healers. Their heal doesn't change at all, while rogues and bd's become even more powerful. There's already a lack of healers in the game and I don't think this will make people choose healers over chars with high atk. Imo ferocity sucks, everything other seems cool.
  13. Would be cool if there was ability to challenge other guilds. And winner would get guildpoints similar to dungeons. Eg 50-100gp win.
  14. If there will be players choice you should give the winner like a unique costume or something like that.
  15. 5 heal, 5 root, 3 lightning, 4 song for pvp. For hunt ill use 1 song and 4 link
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