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    [email protected] got a reaction from ColdFootedMole in 2016 US Presidential polls: Who do you want?   
    are you serious? muslims to conquer to world? really? i have been a muslim since i was 13 and i can say that nowhere i quran it states to kill people who are not muslim. You are allowed to kill a person only if you are in danger of dying yourself. Although im an atheist now(i have my reasons), islam on the basics isnt really a bad religion. Islam countrys on the other hand...
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    [email protected] reacted to fkum777 in Hydra Map 2   
    You can get skeleton costume from outside of berengar tower.
    Take loot from that mob, keep killing that mob untill you can buy costume in dealer
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    [email protected] reacted to Nosotraes in [2015.12.07] Promotion. The “Might of the Guilds”: 100th anniversary tournament!   
    Apparently the Chainless League found several huge piles of ore...
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    [email protected] reacted to Morgana in ghost costume   
    He might mean that you look like you were on invisibility potion.
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    [email protected] reacted to Magapa in [АРХИВ] Видео   
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    [email protected] got a reaction from Mordonis in painting armors   
    here is the suggestion;
    i do not like costumes. They are expensive for me and i want to show my gears. But they are in bad colours and dont match with themselves.
    Black armor paint,red armor paint(goes on like this) should be added to the mcoin shop. What they do is, they change the colour of your armor.(duh) Its the armor version of the hair colour on mcoin shop.
    And also for weapons maybe? This could add a lot more diversity for our looks. ty for reading.
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    [email protected] got a reaction from Gladiator in Heroic Armor sets for low levels!   
    this is needed indeed
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    [email protected] got a reaction from Thiefmastr in rep rewards   
    very nice :*
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    [email protected] got a reaction from nabnecro in amplifying?   
    actually the point is that everything will be 10x easier, possility to get atleast +84 for example will be greater than getting +9 in the system now.
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    [email protected] got a reaction from Nosotraes in Random events   
    or lab creatures invading irselnort
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    [email protected] reacted to maraschino in amplifying?   
    The game is made this way because the spark of excitement from occasionally getting another + on your weapon triggers the brains reward system and makes you want to come back for more. That is how these games make money. Surprise chests, random amps, random drops... If the result were predictable, then people would lose interest and would have an easier time tracking where their money goes in the game.
    "Psychologists call this PRE, or Partial Reinforcement Effect, in which the reward is only offered randomly, some of the time, such as in gambling. This leaves gamers hoping that just round the corner lies the suit of armour, gold, or some other reward they've been waiting for. That "reward" plays a part in the psychology of addiction is certain: Plenty of gamers will be familiar with the phrase "just ten more minutes".
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    [email protected] reacted to Kaleidoscope in a result of hacking?   
    Stun has been a bonus for a long time now. Why would a testing weap appear just now?
    I was asking if it's hack or not. Not saying anything I'm 100% sure about.
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