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  1. Smallizal


    Dear gm, I want to report something illegal that I've been seeing long time ago, but I didn't believe it was for real. In br server in world chat, there is a player called Radonio that has a lot of gold. He uses his gold and items to buy "nudes" of players from the game. If the players were 40 years old I wouldn't mind at all, but some of the players who sent him nudes may be 14-15 years old (I've seen true screenshots of conversation in whatsapp between Radonio and some players). So I'd like to know if you could, no report him to Police without evidences, but investigate him somehow and find out if it's true. If I was the father of one of this kids, I would kill Radonio with my hands if it was all true *By the way, I'm not complaining about accounts neither reporting players bcz of scamming, trading blah blah, just something serious
  2. Smallizal

    Change email

    Hello admins, i would like to know how can i change the email of my account? I am not using the email of the warspear account anymore so i want to swith to the one i'm currenty using.
  3. Why is the no equalizer between elfs power ad mcs power?
  4. A real crime? Wew so it's the same trading an account and killing obama or stealing atomic bombs from the us army...
  5. Yeah birdy, actually they should, but they don't and mine is not avaible, you see their account got unblocked exactly 6 months later, i calculated it and now they keep playing with the acc they made strong by scamming
  6. Yeah birdy, actually they should, but they don't and mine is not avaible, you see their account got unblocked exactly 6 months later, i calculated it and now they keep playing with the acc they made strong by scamming
  7. Yeah, that's what they mean, but that's the truth. I'm not saying you're wrong, but imagine that after almost 3 years of leveling up and stoping playing every 3-4 months, you get a best friend or a girlfriend and you want to play with him/her. If you're tired of leveling up, which's the fastest way to do it? Exchange account with the rescue of losing it. That's what I did but ain't I a last chance to play with the account I've spent so much time and money in?
  8. Yeah i understand that part, today i've readen eula twice again. What I don't understand is, why accounts that have been "permanentrly blocked" are being unblocked all of a sudden? Check Br server Kwteen and one more priest who used to bug coins. Same think on saphire with a scammer that "owns" a ranger called Rodzz and one famour barbarian "permanentrly" blocked because of scamming lots of accounts. I followed the wrong way by trying to exchange account and move back to Us Saphire. There's no second chance? Just block and screw me? Even one year after i got blocked?Nah it's not fair to buy miracle coins, try to become top and get blocked (Ive spent more then 100€ in 1-2 months)
  9. I broke the rules "Don't share your account informations to anyone" and "Is forbidden to sell/exchange accounts" but they say i've also broken the rules "Owning more then 2 accs" when i had only one and also "changing id of an account that i didn't creat" which is kinda...WTF? so the scammer steals my account Smallizal, he changes id and i have to pay it?...
  10. It has already passed 1 year since i've unfairly lost my account...the support didn't even give me a chance to prove my witness. Nowdays I see many account being unblocked in both Saphire and Tourmaline, accounts that have been blocked bcz of bugging coins or unrespecting EULA. So if these accounts are being unblocked, why can't I get my account back? According to EULA i "overpassed" just 2 rules, buy they say 5 rules... So please support contact me to give me any answer. I'm grateful have a nice day
  11. I'd like to have my account back please, it has already passed almost 1 years since you've blocked my account. Could i have Smallizal back please?
  12. Hello, I was wandering which one it is because i'd love to have 4000 hp on my necro, but of course it wouldn't worth if i'd spend 250-300 hp everytime i heal/shield. Right now 2'7k hp=106-110 hp spent
  13. If you want an answer from warspear-online.com/en/support, you rather try to build some wings and fly because that's more probable then receiving an useful answer except "Sorry your account has been permanentely blocked, learn EULA"2
  14. Hello everyone, Ima try to be more polite this time even though I'm pretty angry. May I know why suddenly some accounts who have been "permanentely" blocked are being unblocked? There are many cases like that on both BR TOURMALINE and US SAPHIRE like KWTEEN (sorry bro but if disturbs me a lot), so i'd like to know if you're gifting accs back? Because you've blocked my account with an awful reason close to stupid and i'd love to recuperate it.
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