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  1. Yes, not easy make almost all mc class unbalanced lol Nerf useless warden and shut up that crying mcs...
  2. So the mc side has fair wars? Stealth +area stun are so fair mate. Come cry forum when mc has all the op pvp classes...
  3. Cocaina

    Drop Rate

    Checking october 2015 and still dont find...
  4. Cocaina

    Drop Rate

    well... devs should tell people important game changes like this (or that's i think)
  5. Cocaina

    Drop Rate

    Hello! I saw this at a warden's discussion: "While it sounds good to solo bosses, it's not useful anymore since the drop rate is now the same for a full party too; that's what I heard at least." That's right? I didn't see anything about that on lastest changelogs. Greetings.
  6. I killed with my rogue lvl 13 210 DMG a lot of times.. if not a bot why dont attack me?
  7. You can find Hakielek botting at miracle's abode II
  8. im bored of report botters WS has the worst stuff i ve seen so...
  9. Cocaina

    about rules

    The bd on eu and hakielek on eu too near miracle 5k hp mob
  10. Cocaina

    about rules

    And my rogue are lvl 13 with 220dmg... how can i kill lvls 20-24? Because they dont attack me, bot only attack mobs
  11. Cocaina

    about rules

    Guys killing only 2 mobs 24/7, with same movements and when killed with rogue they respawn 5 min later at statue so 100% afk and killing mobs
  12. Cocaina

    about rules

    if using bot isnt allowed why i see everyday the same guys botting without get punished?
  13. good tactics? JAJAJAJA OP skills for war and mcoins to win. when hassn off all crying like little girls
  14. New quest are really annoying!! Kill +100 strong mobs to get 20 quest items? Up drop rate
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