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  1. there was this dk foxylove or whatever, it was really just unreal. great character
  2. Honestly, Amateratsu. good pvp, but more importantly a solidly good dude. willing to help advise new players, strong setup, and dedicated.
  3. no scamming is immoral and an ugly ugly thing, dont get me wrong. usually, the ammount of theft ammounts to around 20-30 dollars, and you know a person is subhuman if they steal 20-30$. but seriously, if your dumb enough to download something, anything, that a player links you to, a person you met on warspear, you are a moron. and its really, survival of the saviest, if your dumb enough to get scammed, point blank you deserve it. so stop crying about getting scammed, you were stupid, suck it up; learn from it and be less stupid. because, tbh, no one feels sorry for you. that is all.
  4. uhmmm ok phantoche? anyways, on topic, look what i amped today still didnt do a damn of good when i pvp'd sharp, but eh
  5. for all you "old school players", i'd like to note that us "new(b)" players are trying. i know people like crit and myself are constantly striving for improvement, seeking out advice, staying humble, swallowing barbs and jags to glean the tiniest bit of knowledge just to advance. so, im guessing by your tone, you think that we run around all day thumb firmly up our... waiting for amp sale, but SOME of us are really trying. just a thought you should know, type of comment.
  6. caravan guardian? the red ranger statue ^^?
  7. yeah on that subject dont u hate it when bd and rogues dont use bows and magic?! COWARDS
  8. thank you cree, you too bro. dont get discouraged, time effort patience, the strive for progress, results will come. keep it up!
  9. Hello prestigious druids of the forums: i have a query for you. i have a friend, lv 24 druid, and am trying to help her put together a set of equip for pvp. skill setup, tactics, any input would be greatly apprreciated, thank you for your time!
  10. thx zeus ;; i guess; had to get sushi today after u and sharpzheals put a beatdown on me in arena this morning 5 v 5 ^~
  11. Me and the wife eating sushi today
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