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  1. This new arena doesn’t convince me every time I dmd I just match against a 10k bd hitting me 2k autos and soloing every mc
  2. Are those craft rings dropable from horror dungeon or they will be dropable only during like some x2 drop special events?
  3. You can play bd even blindfolded lul
  4. I hope lvl 31 arena sets won’t release cuz I’m working for the lvl 29 one or I will be ashamed
  5. The difference is that we have human bots instead computer ones
  6. I would discard mana consumption chieftain skill and remain with 2 mana consumption passives since leather gives pene and crit dmg cap is achievable without it also, put those 3 skill points for another expert maybe a defensive one
  7. But the second set buff is bad going full set cloth is worse And every few auto leather deal crit dmg more worth
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