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  1. I don't see a real reason? Full support palas lack dmg and stun
  2. i think giving belt with magic is perfectly fine but maybe not a full set:D Was just a random idea, maybe devs wont include it though. But at least I tried
  3. I know they are on different servers but I meant that there still are guilds stronger than AoA
  4. "Long time ago" and "tournament" in one sentence Oh how fast time flies I think most costumes are genderless though
  5. Whoah Nuclear lvl7. I always thought nobody would beat AoA but I guess this shows that they are human too. You can't always be first
  6. For death knights and paladins. I mean, why not?
  7. On dps probably. But dmg, attack speed and stats vary. When kiting, bow is probably better but nuking down healers is easier with xbow.
  8. ninjamato


    'ello there mate!
  9. When devs made level 22 available, it didn't take them very long after it to take it up to 24. There has already been quite a long time after they got it up to 24 so I was wondering if new updates are coming soon? I'm not quite sure if this is the right place to ask this, but i thought this was the best fitting
  10. Today we in Finland voted for congressmen for parliament I also would like to thank google translate for translating a couple of words in the sentence before this Why do we "fall down" no matter if we actually fall down or fall left etc. ?
  11. The point of WARspear is that there are wars... So I don't this idea will be included in any updates
  12. I guess i'm going to try... Atm i have windows 8 and I don't really like it Do you have netflix?
  13. I don't drink caffeine What is Grandi's series equal to?
  14. Or stream your screen on your pc and record on it? I don't really know anything about this but shouldn't that work
  15. The cooldown starts going over the normal speed It's easiest to think that mental pit "slows time" as far as cooldowns are concerned
  16. I bet devs are doing their very best designing costumes, but it's indeed true that there isn't any female cc costumes. Great idea
  17. ninjamato


    That's pretty good actually. Maybe exha>grimoire>arrow>pool>arrow would nuke enemies down pretty well? You could even use tribute with this against healers
  18. Actually in many rpg's rogues do use bows so I thought it would be a great expert passive. allows you to use a bow and a dagger, but guess i can only dream
  19. When will ppl realize that that isn't the priest critting xD that would be major bs
  20. New expert skill mechanics Lets be honest it just doesn't work paying 40k for a skill that works worse than a normal skill
  21. Yeah I know but nice def anyways
  22. Oh you dirty, I see that earth protection But yeah that's a great idea for new death knights to ask you
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