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  1. hi can anyone tell me when test server ?
  2. Marawan Rayan


    guys ihave story this story will tell u my problem one day iwas playing and someone was know he will get ban then he gave me his acc then me who got ban but not any ban its (Computer Ban) please help me just ban his acc called (Vrryocc) and ( Kaleb) and leave me alone and stop my computer ban please ihave 2 accounts ranger lvl 19 called ( Headshots) and (Marwanrayan) my bank and if u dont trust ihave the Gmail please reply me fast and help me
  3. Marawan Rayan


    bro iwaited many time when ican open my computer (warspear) ? if it ban for only 1 account icould say ok but it all computer u cant do anything ?
  4. Marawan Rayan


    please help me my Computer got ban imean icant open any account on my Computer please reply me fast
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