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  1. What is the meaning of multiple log? Log into game with 3 account in same time or that person log in log out many time in 1 minute?
  2. Don't watch some video in night with smartphone
  3. Zofia-US

    Useless skills

    I think all class also have some useless expert skill, just don't buy it cause still have other useful expert skill out there
  4. It is an undeniable fact that 40k is expensive for some player.
  5. If like that the golem should change to giant naked man
  6. Hi, this just my suggestion for the future. Maybe can do a crossover event that just for 2 week like Warspear Online x Resident Evil or Warspear Online x Attack On Titan. Just a short period because if long period like the spring event, many will just bored with the world event and just failed (some is cause by many afk) Yeah, just a suggestion. TQ
  7. Zofia-US


    Yeah the unbind costume maybe can active back like before this.
  8. This is my first time going with my guildmate and first time face this problem
  9. No, that is event Forgetten Hallways. Nothing happens until the time end and failed. Is there any level required or member limit to active the boss?
  10. Hi, is there any requirement to active the boss? Me and my friend has clear all mob and the map show the red point but there is nothing
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