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  1. In my opinion, The best way is to clear door 1 first because it is easy and the blue door gives you movement speed, can help you walk faster in door 4 green room. Then another 2 just choose what you like.
  2. Good idea but..if add a solo dg in normal map, there have an unbalance situation will happen. Exp: full support character is hard to solo, if lower down the difficulty of dg for support, that's will become easy for the damage class. Solo dg is good but just left it in the event. Or maybe the game Moderators team can create a solo dg base on the character's total damage but not by character's level
  3. Yes agree. Add a function like can open 10 box in 1 time save more time.
  4. Hi, hope can having a series of zodiac costumes This picture is not complete yet. TQ
  5. Hi, is anyone know the details of the shield absorb damage in each level?
  6. If you looking a atk speed class why didn't just play ranger? Why need use a tank status character and play like output class? So confuse with some player like this wanna play some tank class as dmg class then it didn't work then cry whole day.
  7. So what is the position for this class? If dmg, there have mage/range/seeker can do well. If tank, there have warden/paladin/bd can tank well. If shield and cc, druid and priest are more cc and heal/shield.
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