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  1. Of course, i really think something will be changed in war, maybe in a future update, but i have remembered that a new map is coming for the next year, maybe they will save all these features/suggestions, for a possible similar event in new map ...
  2. Hello dear developer and forum community, I don't want to stretch, so I'll go straight to my suggestion, why not make that, instead of having to deal damage directly to the flag, which is actually a bit difficult because of certain skills "imbalances" and crowd control, my idea then would be that the mechanics be changed, so that damage is automatically done on the flag according to the number of characters of the enemy faction in the place (or according to the killing of enemies in the area [similar to the castle dungeon system, where you had to kill the monsters, to raise a helper's health, and activate it, but instead, in this case, kill the enemies, gonna deal damage to the flag in the area]), sometimes you can even get several characters into the flag area, but they can't even get close to the flag. another factor that would be interesting to add would be a death counter between alliances, and this has some influence on war too, like the point system in guild events (mermen trials).
  3. That is part of the "plan". for example: i set the grinch costume to be raffled, wich worth 15k in US-sapphire, the minimum bet is 1k, and we have 25 participants, the item price would go 10k higher to the item owner. and why people would abuse of it, paying more than 1k for a chance to get a simple costume, anyway the item owner would be more beneficieted.
  4. Hello development team, i am here again, now to suggest a new implement in market. It's nothing really urgent and needed in game, but sometimes, in us-saphire server, people do some "giveaways", saying in World chat, for example: Free costume pick a number 1-30. And that's really not annoying me, as i can just disable chat, i think it is funny and confess i try my "luck" sometimes . And i say "luck" cause we dont really know if its fair. And that come as part of my suggestion, shown in the following image: - This new Raffle submenu in Market. Well its based in the raffle game, someone set an item to be raffled, and anyone else can pay a small amount of gold to take part in the raffle, wich will be summed by all others who's had paied too, and given to the item owner, after a period, for example of 12 hours, a random number will be drawn, and the person with that number win's the raffle and subsequently the item.
  5. Parabéns, realmente muito bom, faltava um guia deste com todos os lacaios, são tantos que foram adicionados no jogo, que eu continuo usando alguns antigos, pois não sei se os novos são bons e o que fazem. obrigado
  6. Hello development team, I wanna talk about character hairstyle in the game. I would like to suggest, to implement a new menu option in 'Hero look settings', As many of us know, if you use any new hairstyle, the old one will be lost forever, and that make people to use the same for long time, and be afraid to replace, because some of them are hard to get, like the achievements ones. My suggestion is shown in the following video: ezgif-3-9376e21117fa.mp4 -The plus button could open a new menu like the menu in chat to buy smileys, but for hairstyles. -And, of course, if you have choose a specific hairstyle from a set, only that one will be in your options. -Maybe could have a time limit to change hairstyle, for example, only once in a week.
  7. does not count with free tickets
  8. I have many chars, but, my main is Jokye from US-saphire
  9. You are lucky, only blue rooms, which are faster.
  10. Room's possibility: on this run's example: Library, Frogs/Warlocks, Bookcase, Rune Activator. Green: 1: Medusa 2: Frogs/Warlocks 3: Rats/Root 4: Elementals Blue: 1: Library 2: Minotaur 3: Bookcase 4: Rune activator *The easier room's are medusa, library, minotaur, and runes. Then, maybe, rats/root, elementals, frogs/warlocks, and bookcase. Rune activator: Always start pressing first engine, then third engine, if it turns on red continue with second, and fourth. (if third turns on blue continue with 1st, 4th instead of 2nd, 4th.) video example: 1, 3, 2, 4 How to do Dungeon and tips: Bookcase: just protect him from dying. ------------------------------------------------- Tips if you are weak: On medusa: Mirrors stuns her and increases your damage. On minotaur: Run and let him walk on the dinamytes. On library: Use frog event minion to heal you and/or do room 3(blue) to take roots healing buff. On toadsbug/warlock room: Kill toads first and beware warlocks, they use fear skill. On elementals room: Kill one by one and take their "essence" to container, you need 3 of each.(killing 3 at once, does not works.) on boss: I know that the boss is running and teleporting, and that is boring, but you dont need to chase him just stand somewhere safe and wait for him to come, he is trying to kill you too. ------------------------------------------------ Gameplay: Any other tips and comments are welcome =).
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