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  1. Ummm no, I have high char for quest and never quest with my low levels because "suprise" I don't want to level them. Another example of how people want devs to hold their hands.
  2. Solution: increase counter chance and damage
  3. Again: why was your xp so full inthe first place?
  4. Music? Does that even work on mobile?
  5. Wonder how many more devs make their pics off of American things.
  6. Solution: make bd stronger
  7. That I'm not as big of a loser as I could be . What do you hate about yourself?
  8. Some of devs know English btw, they don't have to translate and the things we say.
  9. -When will arena armor 23 be released? -When will the solo dgs come out and can they be permanent? -When will the next wave of expert be skills be released? -If I jump off of a tall building and flap my arms will I fly?
  10. I am your master, I am your owner, now fetch me some mcoins!
  11. He dies, now he won't resist . I wish for a wish that I wish to wish for wishingly.
  12. Nope! . A piece of human filth who deserves misery
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