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  • I love basketball kd my favorite player. Uh I guess I like to go on late night walks. I love to party but not as much as I love helping others.

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  1. I agree elf's cool down times on experts are way shorter than some of mcs regular skills cool down. Lower some mc cool down like shams or barbs not all classes need a lower cool down. Or make some of the elves cooldown a bit higher. Because in arena druids can just keep us frozen the entire match.
  2. acelock

    Sup lol

    Is that how you say hi to your friend carpet lmao.
  3. acelock

    Sup lol

    Lol sup you got to see me get rekt. He's very strong and I love to pvp players like him. Even if my chances of winning are small I love a challenge. Maybe we can pvp some day ?
  4. acelock

    Sup lol

    Hey Julie, I think I've seen you in game before but but not sure if not hope I can some day.
  5. acelock

    Sup lol

    Sup gladiator are you the paladin in game?
  6. acelock

    Sup lol

    What's up bro. I have no clue how to use emojis on here lol.
  7. acelock

    Sup lol

    Not really new to the game. I've been playing warspear for a while now. Just new to forum just sliding by to say hi. My in-game characters are acelock lvl 26 and acemancer lvl 10.
  8. Bds all op af but I'd say Myouren he sends me home to the respawn the most.
  9. I know this has been tried befor, and it didn't go so well. Although now I believe we should put in some effort and make it reality. Most of us already know about the PvP hall at the new map. Its much bigger than the small little cave we PvP at. It's closer to the respawns,and you can't kill questors around it. Also there's two of them so if a war or something breaks out,and you don't want to be apart of it. Move on to the next one. If you like wars you can still do them here there's 2 of them go wild. If we move here lower level chars could go to pvpcave and PvP so all the players amping lvl 6s have a place to fight. This would also save some of us a ton of gold. We wouldn't have to go back and fourth the islands to PvP. Please guys let's transfer to from PvP cave to the PvP halls. It's a new year a new era for warspear!
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