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  1. Thanks. I have that cloak already but was hoping for a better level 18 version. Oh well.
  2. Thanks for replies and pictures. I guess I'll never own it then. It looks very cool. I like cool looking items. Thanks again
  3. Can anyone tell me where to get the Drangonslayer's Cloak (see attached picture)? I've seen it in the Warspear Knowledge Base but not in game. Is there a quest for it? Is it a boss drop? EDIT: Also, if anyone could could post a picture of what the cloak looks like in game please do!
  4. I have a level 18 BD that currently uses a mixture of arena gear and other gear. After the update I'm wondering what gear to use. I can't really afford a PVP and a PVE set of gear. I need to upgrade my gear anyway as some of it is lvl 14/15. So is the best option to use a bonus armour set like DD armour and then not use rune/crystals that only work on monsters/players? Same with weapons. Just use non-arena weapons. So I would only have one set of gear that would be equally good against monsters and players. But would I just get slaughtered in the arena without any resilience added to m
  5. Iron commander's helm actually lol. Even though it's not heavy armour it looks so cool!
  6. Yeh eventually I might have several builds. To be honest though at the moment this character is mostly for fun. I plan to stay level 14 for ages and arena spam. I also want the character to look cool (without a costume which I hate) so will sacrifice somes stats for a cool looking cloak and helmet. I'm a noob and paladins and am sort of aiming for an all round balanced build. Jack of all trades but master of none. I'm crafting him the level 14 sheild and mace though so he should do okay if I can afford to amp them enough not to die every time. There are level 10 block/hp blue rings which I
  7. Thanks guys. I will get block armour then and enchnant shield and belt with block but will get magic power rings.
  8. When using a shield is it worth maxing out block? Ie using shielding runes and gear that has block? Or is it better just to focus on physical defense? Block only works against physical attacks right? My pala is primarily for lvl 14 arena and will use a good sheild and mace.
  9. I want my pala to look cool but I don't like using costumes. And yeh it's an okay cloak. Plus I'm not pro and don't buy mcoins so never going to have high amped lvl 14 gear anyway.
  10. A question about dungeons. In the Median Night dungeons do you have to be at or lower than the level to get gear drops? Eg can level 16 get gear from the level 14 dg?
  11. Ha ha I never saw those replies. Why point out it is useless? I said already I wanted it because it looks cool. Also 500g is nothing... Sorry for bumping an old thread ha ha.
  12. Ha ha just bought in the market for 500 gold. Thanks for all the help though! Now I have my cool looking cloak
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