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  1. ws and sponsorpay NOOB WORK :D ws can do all no need other team :P
  2. naonw

    Whats next?

    This topic should get a block , anyway if u dont have money dont live in this world :P ;D
  3. naonw

    Need advice :)

    Deathknight and warlock is mc ? :bad: i think dk and wlock is forsaken :tease:
  4. Warspear is bad or what ? ;D
  5. Check ur email , do not reply , or send more ticket again :) good luck
  6. I need some pt for normal dungeon :)
  7. Shitley u was right :) ;) ;D
  8. r0land, better u check this
  9. Like clash of clans? Not fun
  10. How to rename some topic? :)
  11. I hate you because you made this topic :bomb:
  12. I play shadowgun deazone too ;D 8) play with me in zone control 8) let see who will win it?
  13. 3500- Ice King .l. Dont comment
  14. Look at the poll , Darkzain is bd !!? :crazy:
  15. Voted 3 times on Iphone 4, Iphone 5 and from Samsung note maybe will 4 vote if my brother want to vote it. Love ws! :)
  16. Let's Make a history again like year ago :)
  17. Idk but i feel something special in the music :)
  18. Egoist, now u are the moderator =O :shok:
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