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  1. It's 10 AM now in my time, so is it gonna be online? Or does it still take 1 hour? I don't know the time difference.
  2. No wiser words has been spoken. Because of the gold/mcoins scale, im thinking about quitting buying mcoins, even in dungs can gain more profit then selling mcoins.
  3. Kaysen

    Arena ring amping

    That was just a random quote, what isn't even close to the subject of my answer to your question. But, il just leave it there, before any warning points incoming.
  4. Kaysen

    Arena ring amping

    If there is a topic for anything where, topics need to be posted, the forum would be kinda dead, woulndt it?
  5. https://youtu.be/oWl3fVt90iw Sorry for the bad quality, it was for me not necessary to upload high-quality, it's only amping.
  6. Yes, the dogs of AoA stalked the moderator wich I wont tell the name, not neccesary, to delete the vid of forum. To prevent humiliation of their master.
  7. I've got one to, because I posted a video, me vs Hassn, and it got deleted by the moderator of Hassn's guild, so i just posted it, again and again. In the end, I won, but still got a warning point lol.
  8. Hahahahahahahah that youtube video on your bio tho, haahahahahaha
  9. Hello again, where is the list with the arena results? Like last time? Link pls.
  10. Hello Peter, Concratz with the 7th anniversary. and thanks for the level 22 arena reward, I hope to win the cloak this time to. - Kalibow
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