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  1. I did 700 runs and i didn't drop any kind of costume in this dg, espeally the book. Amd people going 20 runs and drop the bookis this normal?
  2. I'm glad they fix the lags due this week so we can enjox tje rest lag free. I done 530 runs and didn't got a costume or a book. Please tell meeee the drop rateee
  3. Its been now 3 days and on the EU server nobody dropped heroic equipment yet. It was before the maintenance you could clearly see someone dropped it. But after 200 runs I still don't see a drop, not for my drops only since we can see it world chat. But it is only some hours left so it is a bit too late now.
  4. Great idea, at end this storage is almost as same as a warehouse. Make an activity log would help a lot.
  5. Mind your own business. Etea doesn't amp anybody.
  6. Huh? If u would go 2 dungeon runs in 20min, or u would go 1 run in 10min BUT the cost of run is the same . If u would get a drop the chance is same. Example: I go 2 runs dungeon: First run: Def Second run: drop Wasted: 2 stam Or I go 1x dungeon (doubled stam) First run: Def,Drop Wasted: 2 stam At the end u get the same, but saved time. This will help people who have low time for go in dungeon but want to get a drop as fast as possible or want some guild points.
  7. If u go 1 run with x2 stamina means u get 2 drops with the same chance as u go 2 dungeon runs. The only thing that changes is the time u save . This suggestion doesn't increase ur drop rate! Because instead of 2 dungeon runs u go 1 run and get the drop of 2 dungeon runs.
  8. If you throw 1 dice with 4 sides u have a chance of 25%. And if u would throw it another time, it's still 25% chance of landing number 1. The chances won't change. But if u want to get the number twice by 2x throwing then its 25%x25%= 6.25% for getting twice the number 1. Its not 50% Coin is right
  9. So his suggestion is that u can drop so many items that u can sell them to npc. A perfect solution ofc. Lmao think a little bit.
  10. Then increase the max stamina to 10.
  11. Well it will be much faster to change equipment sets and also the itmes in bag r easier to find
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