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  1. It assumes that each zoom level has a percentage of success. supposing that gain is +3 to +4 10% 10 set sing that use at least 10 pcs sing had risen to +4 but my chance was 0/100 = 0%
  2. Hi all. dk have a lv 26 and 4 months ago spear buy lv 21 arena, Buy 5 pcs Set sing and I went up to +3, Le far, so good. 2 weeks after I could get gold to buy 2 set sing and follow amplifying.... I spear did not go up. 3 weeks after buy 3 set sing... my spear did not go up to +4 stop amplifying the spear and began to amplify my equipment, I was not at least +8 but climbed more my defense after all decides to take my spear and amplify.... this time Buy 5 set sing and guess what? my spear did not go up to +4 !!!! Total set sing= 10 set, ¡¡¡¡my spear did not go up to +4 !!!! What happens Warspear?? what a disappointment
  3. Surely you are elf and have a druid and bd. but since you're not mc's say those things, the game itself is wrong and just read the update you realize is going to get worse ... If you are thinking ahead as lv 30 should first think of a balance of classes ...
  4. I do not like this update. Necromancer Mental Pit. Decreased level of debuff, reducing an enemy's attack. This is dependent on skill level up to 15-30-45-55% Skill cooldown time increased to 25 seconds. now any novice can kill an elf necromance.
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