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  2. its unfair, event is gonna end and i still cant log the game cuz update not available on app store. plz contact app store so they dont take that much time uploading it its a game its really not fair for people to play and drop books and others dont have the chance too
  3. so we have to wait 3 to 4 days without logging while event going on xd
  4. 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑 please fix ios update system or stop launching alot of updates. when ever u release an update i stay own of game for half a day at least cuz i cant download it. game telling me to update, i go app store and there is no update find me solution i need spam
  5. Malek M Hjayz

    semi retiring.

    to be i see that resistance stun is so not fair and not balanced for a stun char. but i dont cry i go work on a tactics to try over control my stun char
  6. Malek M Hjayz

    semi retiring.

    and about that there is not called whole balance can u make all ppl rich or all ppl poor, i bet i dont know what this game is bout. there are healers tanks dmgers supporters everyone have its own skills to make a team work . u cant bring all those topic to a one char just cuz ur +10 bd cant win a +1 stunner. if u want to stun go make mage he is better than a warlock i bet if u can control it right u really noob xd plus bd have argo so to developers they r tanks end of story and stop crying
  7. Malek M Hjayz

    semi retiring.

    first rogue is a dmg char not a tank so he need dmg and he got no skills to help him he counts on his dmg only. second go play stun char then tell me if stuns fail or no. and again stop crying
  8. Malek M Hjayz

    semi retiring.

    why u cry alot ?? if u want to speak about balance u cant just say remove stuns and not talk about bd dmg. bd shouldnt use axes must use only swords. cuz 5/5 ham with +10 axes and 50% fero makes dmg on 3k+ casters like 400+ dmg and it its like 3 to 5 hits ( idk never counted them ) so half hp gone from 1 skill. and u dont see us cry about it to be bd and barb are so unfair. barb also 7 yard stun and 1 stun combo kills a caster cuz also high def and dmg. so stop focusing on poor stunners cuz its really hard to stun and if we fail 1 stun we die so thats not fair. keep in mind the unexplainable bugs cuz always fail the stuns
  9. yeah also about inks in arena, its not enough to resist stuns and continues bug of stuns like really that 10 yard ham since when bd are ranged ? i really laugh so hard when a bd resist my stun and im away like 7 yards and running more and he ham me idk how can any explain. other than bug and resist a ppl use inks in arena or guild ink thats soo not what arena about remove ink and guild active skill from arena
  10. look im not complaining or anything but if fair to u means that u resist 1 stun and killing a lock 2 hits is fair then plz go dictionary and read the meaning more carefully. before set locks need 3 to 4 combo to kill a tank char regardless of classes. plus dont forget the unacceptable amount of bugs with always let lock fail his stuns. now locks have to deal with resistance and bugs and taking into consideration that locks def is low an bd dmg over high. All i care about is to give lock a change to FIGHT BACK if he got 1ham if 1v1 and nevemind it if arena team work xd rip 1 sec. ive pvp babo he op in resistance set and he also told me that if 1 resistance then rip lock cuz of low def in lock and high dmg in bd. i agree with (locks) point of view is to make bd use swords which will lower their dmg. more suggestions is to reduce tanks magic def. lol they have more than a magic char. like vla have 5k + magic def wtf is that how the hell ill be able to kill him with low dmg. so lets compair this. im fully +10 probably my def max 3.6k if i dont use stun resistance set. my magic def 4k+ ill not nag about it in a bd ill go another tank char lets say vla. vla def 10k + and magic 5k+ forget about his dmg where is the fair in that if he have both def more he can attack high dmg on me cuz im super low def and i attack like 300+ if im 700+ dmg since his magic def 5k+ i dont see it as fair yet not nagging cuz idc ill probably go full pve cuz i liked my dmg xd
  11. Hi gm plz try fix drop rate cuz im bored of not dropping and thx u
  12. Malek M Hjayz

    3g problem

    i send you an email about my problem but sey i cant not play for long time. my game is not logging via 3g, while 3g is working properly and i also called the company they told me there is no problem with the 3g, so why i cant log game via 3g while i can via wifi @Daria
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