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  1. BUG - in arena during attacking or casting skills it shows the dog and bird of charmer to be attack-able even if he is my partner in party
  2. my guild did sector 1 event all of them got buffs and chest except me ... i killed hornet with them and second stage bosses but no mail for chest ..why?
  3. anyone know how to get evil pumpkins achievement on barbs max i could get 10 points :/
  4. Wow .. malexdemon not in list xD Linaaa I dont see her much doing stuffs
  5. arena system broken again rich people sharing wins with their dual chars to get demand
  6. GMs wont disable anything that makes money for them
  7. when will be the next time traveller event like last year i want those halloween dmg accesories + farming all those bosses is the best thing
  8. innocent people are dying already sometimes sacrifices are needed for the greater good
  9. i am just waiting for when india take a step forward to clean up pakistan , which will result in third world war with that ISIS can be cleaned 80%
  10. merc seems to be cool guild but i am a full time mc player ... i might try making an elf will u help me mercinaries
  11. if classes are the problem better take back axe from rogue and bd swords days were good
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