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  1. Crickets.......where all the posts :(
  2. Just leveled mine to 18, no experts yet but getting owned by caster runners. I may suck or experts will help solvve it still love the dude though. What experts should be bought right off. ...Im aiming to get most of them before I lvl much further
  3. Small Mana pots & healing potions during combat.Pricing is outrageous at times but theirs also food item that restore hp n mana when out of combat
  4. Does this combine with CALL or is it an improved higher level version
  5. Carnivhal

    Skill builds

    When i see skill builds below i ask myself ..are they upto date seeing their've been several updates? ..dates of suggested builds below are over 6+ months old. ..any Pve pvp build recommendations ?? Help would be appreciated....
  6. Ive seen the same situation with other classes. Its not just wardens. Other day i saw 4 mc raid t1. One fell fast,another took a little longer. But other 2 ,necro and another melee stood for a long time. Theirs many variables for this situation to be duplicated by other classes.
  7. Oh yea! , I've never attempted crafting (better late than never as they say), I think its time to get off my ass an give it a go ...As always malliwdxb a most excellent idea tyvm
  8. Ty so much for replying! Now I see.. And your explanation is stellar!!
  9. I've been gone about a year ,soo much changes. I left with one of every class 18-23. I don't want to seem like a whiny bisch but looking @ the market to try an catch up on some gear.....holy crap! Its like you need to me a multi millionaire just to gear up one character. Dropped a load when I see staves costing 250k++ I know right off trying to catch up all my guys is impossible now but how the hell are you guys doing it
  10. I hate to ask this but how do I do that, when I click item price a keypad pops up from bottom of screen other than that one I have no idea what u mean ( Ty for replies)
  11. ( I play on android phone), now, when I goto sell something on market, once I select the item/items, when the point to input the price comes it usually will show the average market price,, It won't allow me to delete the numbers so I can input my own selling prices. I've tried to reinstall the game but it didn't correct the problem. Is this a known issue? Any suggestions how to fix this??
  12. Can an email have multiple profiles attached? Ty for responding btw
  13. I read here, from login screen, menu-my profile-change PW but when I goto my profile all I get is assign email,FB login, goodle play login I already have another profile attached to my email so I don't know what to do because when I created new profile it never had me/ gave me option to make/change PW or id ....any suggestions?
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