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  1. I always appreciate the changes and effort from the devs because I have played for six years now, but I am quite upset about hidden changes that nerfed several skills. I main ranger, so I have found two hidden nerfs on him and one on druid. For ranger, Point Shooting skill has received a -5% damage nerf on level 4/4 going from 25% to 20%. Additionally, the "buff" to Ranger's Blessing supposedly increased the damage to 105% on level 5/5, yet the skill is now dealing less damage than basic attacks on level 5/5 with 90% of basic damage. For druid, the cooldown of Healing Dew was increased. For bo
  2. PLEASE BUFF RANGER BITTERNESS, it's so unbalanced against mob groups and reflect rune Besides from this, thanks so much for reviewing old skills instead of just adding new ones! Appreciate the new balances!!!
  3. Indeed Urscrewed, I also find that warspear is slowly degrading. Yes, the events and updates are appreciated, but the game in general is becoming too difficult. There are many unbalanced things about the game, and I would prefer it if instead of getting new update/event, maybe some old gameplay bugs could be fixed. Classes are also quite unbalanced, and the new stat "Ferocity" is a huge problem for players who do not spend money. Another thing is that it is COMPLETELY UNFAIR is when something that already exists in the game is changed. For example, old players with +10 arena weapons are now u
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