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  1. Let's see how many if these we can hit on in the shortest amount of time :))
  2. Need help

    7. It means the phone storage is limited so the update is downloaded in a temp file which is deleted after leaving the game, try freeing up more space and see if the update occurs everytime you wanna play
  3. "Selected game realm is unavailable"

    It works now
  4. Is there something that I'm missing?
  5. Feedback system

    Hey hey wait up, this is different, I'm just asking if there is any way or anyone I can complain to about the poor services I receive from one of the administrators. Nothing else nothing more.
  6. Feedback system

    As I haven't been the only one encountering problems trying to take a discussion further than scratching the surface with the administrators and support team, I would like to know if there is any way, or a system in which we can actually give feedback on their actions and possibly report if stuff isn't going the way it should go. So if there is any system like that I'd be glad to hear of it from one of the administrators or support team members, and in case there is none also let me know and I'll open a topic in "Suggestions" forum proposing to create one. Thank you, and despite I am demanding an answer as soon as possible, I wish you all a nice weekend! ^_^
  7. DeathKnight Skill Guide

    I know yea that's what I was saying
  8. DeathKnight Skill Guide

    I'm not really sure about how much extra agro you get from lvling Provocation but I know for sure dks lvl up Provocation cause it increases the time of the agro debuff on the enemy. I have the great relic of menace but I also made Provocation 2/5 so I can have a perma-agro debuff and I did that because I've seen that whenever the debuff ends, whoever deals considerably more dmg than me will take the agro despite my relic of menace, but with 2/5 skill and 9.3% cooldown I achived perma-agro, which in combination with that relic I can keep the attention of a boss even when I'm in party with 1k+ dmg rogues. Good job, maybe now someone would try to get the stats of the skills aswell.. :D
  9. Multi-account Question

    I had the same question a while ago because it's not specified propperly in EULA and I got my answer from the moderators:
  10. Steam costume

  11. Regarding economy

    I am slowly taking elf side into my sight to be honest, not long until I'll join actually xD
  12. Regarding economy

    But still as I said I'm not only concerned about this The problem is way more general, regarding 95% of the items
  13. Regarding economy

    True, but if god makes in such a way I won't get a good offer, then I'll equip it and let evryone who offered me 500k cry over not selling it lol xD
  14. Regarding economy

    I totally agree with you but Idk... I feel like if people would have the right mentality and keep prices to the least of their potential, we could live up market again