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  1. Good ways to get gold

    I tried it. Didn't get hired even tho I'd be quite a good slave tbh.
  2. Attack is the best defence

    That's my man! Ever thought of joining moderators development team? xD
  3. Chinese cheap miracle coins

    So I heard the best joke of all times Higgs full+10 How the heck can you even say that since literally EVERYBODY can inspect him and see he's not full+10 Omg ela we are not as stupid as you think we are, you have to go tell lies somewhere else in a kindergarten, kids may belive you over there so try your luck my OLD and GOOD friend And just to stay on topic, if that would be a fraud, why did it happened in the first place? I think you are looking for another word, because since everyone in china and russia see those prices the first time they open the miracle coin shop, without doing anything in any way, it clearly seems like those prices were supposed to be there.................... Unless someone hacked the game at international scale and that's very unlikely to believe xD
  4. The over powered classes

    Yes pleaaaase
  5. The over powered classes

    Yes!!! Thank you! I didn't know how to say this so thank you!!!! And yes, thank you too, you just confirmed my theories about this @ELASIRI guy. Now once and for all can we close this topic?
  6. The over powered classes

  7. The over powered classes

    Omg this is the best line I've heard so far But so true. Locks are not totally invincible, if you play in a team and smart.
  8. The over powered classes

    I play necro lv18 and I can kill most locks lv18-20
  9. The over powered classes

    I have all your chars in my ignore, both mc and elf, so szya buddy!
  10. The over powered classes

    All the logic is there in my previous posts, you just need to understand it. Now I'm going to ignore you as I did in game. Have a nice day mister!
  11. Hotspot-resilince

    Oh my god I love this!!!! I don't know how good it could be but it definitely sound as something and worths being tried!! If that's how's to work then I'm down for it 103%! Total support from me!!
  12. Quit button in normal Arena fights.

  13. The over powered classes

    Agree to this. I wouldn't mind AT ALL having and ultra op class if it'd be ULTRA difficult to master AND arena matching would be totally ballanced. I would suggest devs to take a look into this.
  14. The over powered classes

    I agree perma stuns are not fine, but balance can be in 2 ways: 1. It's the balance you said about, balance 1v1 so group figts are also balanced. 2. Balance only on the overall image. The first way of balancing is pretty straight forward, let's say the following numbers are indexes of power on a scale from 1 to 100: Char x1: 78 VS Char x2: 75 Team 1: Char y1: 76 VS Char y2: 79 :Team 2 (221 Power Points each team) Char z1: 67 VS Char z2: 67 But on the other hand, in the 2nd way of balancing it would look more like this: Char x1: 42 VS Char x2: 90 Team 1: Char y1: 86 VS Char y2: 43 :Team 2 (218 Power Points each team) Char z1: 90 VS Char z2: 85 (consider the example above with different chars but all same lv and same items+10) I don't know if it makes total sense but in my head that example comes like this: You can either have classes with power in a smaller range, that would be making them balanced for 1v1 also, but you can also have classes with power in a much larger range and that would make perfect balance in team play as well as the first method of balancing, but would completely destroy the balance in 1v1 fights. And devs definitely went for the 2nd method maybe because it requires you to put more thinking into the fight. I mean that they may be looking for smart players, or else if you don't know how to cooperate in a fight with your teammates, you may feel totally disadvantaged. I think this is a good thing tho, they may have a good purpose after all. But dang, they put lock as the one on top atm xD
  15. The over powered classes

    Because that is what you are doing. Anyway I complained about bds counter too, agree. I complained about charmer too, then they killed it and I compllained about that too. But lock, guys you just have to leave lock alone, if you take away what lock has right now it will have nothing, lock without his stun cycling is nothing. Even a good amped lock with decent amount of resi dies in 1 hamstring, if bd starts. That is what lock is, an op kiter, of course I don't like playing against it and look what I found to be a good way to avoid locks: Instead of going high lv where locks have 5 stuns, I stay in the range of lv10-17 where lock has only 2 stuns, range of lvls where there are no expert skills and so there is a bit more balance. I like low lv, and in my oppinion if someone is bothered by the imbalance that high lv chars and expert skills brought to the game, the only permanent solution is to make a low lv char and start developing in that low lv chars community. But lock's stuns are all it has, take them away and lock will die as a race in few weeks, maybe months, then other chars will start overpopulating because there is no lock there to keep them in place. It's like in nature, you know? One race kills another