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  1. Warspear balance in a nutshell video

    Don't think so
  2. Warspear balance in a nutshell video

    I was serious. Close to 50% chances considering amp lvls on both teams means what else if not a somewhat balance? I'm not trolling, I was dead serious.
  3. Warspear balance in a nutshell video

    Well I think this finally brings an answer to us all, barbs and charmers are not that op in the end. I want to thank you roid, this only shows how ela's drama had no sense whatsoever in the first place, since he only brags about how rich he is and how he should be able to kill anyone because of his awards. This video is the living proof that there is no balance needed whatsoever in any means that ela was suggesting. My sincere thanks!
  4. Some balancing suggestions

    Priests are something like: "okay listen how this is going to work between use: I put this red seal on you and if you use a skill, you'll waste all your energy and good luck killing me with autoattacks, but even so I'll put this red mist on you too, run and if you move, HAHA, well I don't even have to attack you because eventually you still die."
  5. Some balancing suggestions

    Well, you said it yourself ((((:
  6. Some balancing suggestions

    Lmao then everyone who already has fero inserted in shield will get to keep it xD What they can do is change the base fero buff that comes with the shield (this from all shields) and disable fero insertion option from now on, so whoever already has fero enchant will get to keep it. Remember old lv13 gears with 262 normal def enchant? they are still there but now if you insert def rune in a lv13 gear even great charm is only 243 xD And yea I either misread or you changed it when you edited the post.
  7. Some balancing suggestions

    As long as there is a 500 damage difference between a tank class and a dmg class (considerring max dmg both can get) I find it perfectly resonable as it is. Also I think priests are not okay the way they are, they need some buff, they are kind of weak compared to other classes pvp-wise. They might be okay in pve but pvp-wise some buff to them would be amazing
  8. Some balancing suggestions

    I don't want to sound rude but whoever came up with this idea in the first place probably didn't ever play a tank class (except bd, because it can't use shields) in his/her life. Firstly, 15% extra defense for wearing shield means almost nothing. Those 15% more def count up to @3.5% more damage absorption on a character with low base def and @2% on a char with high base def. Secondly, if all tank characters would have ferocity removed from shields they will ultimately have to abandon any kind of 1h+shield item build for pvp, and we all know that is true: take warden example. Of course, this game is not made for 1v1, I'm totally aware of that but imagine this scenario: 2 such tanks with no ferocity on shields (so very low dmg) versus 2 healers, or even 1 healer and one other class on the opposing team. What do you think they will do? Nothing, it's just going to be a veeeeery long arena match in which the tanks will tank and nothing more, being unable to deal any damage. In the 3rd place, lets take a clear example: the max amount of base damage a 1h+shield user can reach at the moment, at lv28 is @720-730, considerring arena axe/mace with fero (not damage) enchant. Even if he uses arena shield WITH ferocity and both ferocity great charmed (on axe+shield) he still gets @1080-1100 damage in pvp which, compared to a rogue/ranger/hunter and even bladedancer (which is supposed to be a tank yet he can't use a shield so ultimately his build can go for dmg only) reach up to 1100-1200 and on top of all that is added the 46% or 50% fero, so a total of @1600-1700 pvp damage output. Now considerring all this, think again about what do you consider being stronger and more useful in pvp, a 500 damage difference? Or some piece of s**t 3% more damage absorbtion? Oh yes and lets not forget, any damage class (rogue/ranger/hunter and apearently bladedancer too) get way more damage-type statistics as critical chance/penetration/accuracy, while shield gives as much extra hp as to be able to take maybe half the damage of an auto-attack in the end of a fight, and few % of block, which pvp tanks excepting warden don't use anyway. No comments about the other classes and builds, but removing ferocity from shield is the biggest bulls**t I have ever heard. It would basically limit the options of a tank class when it comes to pvp build forcing it into chosing a 2h build because on a lame 1h low dmg it couldn't kill probably anyone but noobs, idea which I totally disagree with since I personally think that all builds should have a chance to win a fight.
  9. Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    This is a terribly bad mistake you did buddy, I don't like you but I still feel sorry for you...
  10. Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    Exactly, thank you
  11. Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    Well you are clearly trying to trick us, and "I don't have a pc" is what if not an excuse? I don't have what to admit that I was wrong for just yet since your video is deceiving. Post a proper video with proper material and I will admit.
  12. Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    Come on it can clearly be seen you tapped on the stone right when the debuff ended on your char and animation was still on and only then you tapped to move Try again, try with hit/skill aswell, and record from pc with pointer on so we can see when you click ;)
  13. Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    just in case you wanna see how long the stun really is He is not that rich since he can't really afford going to school and learn to count. There is a fundraise in the description of that video I posted earlier, check it out and who knows, maybe you can even help him go to school!
  14. Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    You really managed to prove us that you have literally no idea about how games work. Animation has nothing to do with the effect brother, as long as the effect is under your health-mana-experience bars, you are under the specific effect, if the effect icon is gone, the effect itself is gone even if the animation has a fade-in/out transition so that it doesn't look blunt. Just like when you use the green shield on bd and someone hits you a high amount of dmg, shield absorbs a bunch then goes away, but if the dmg was higher than what the shield can absorb,you still get some of the dmg BEFORE the animation of the shield is completely gone. Same goes for stun, if you'd try to stun yourself then keep tapping to move somewhere, you will see you will be able to move before the animation is gone. This is how animation-effect relation goes brother, actually please, test it out on your bd and record, upload it and show us the truth. If you don't do it tho, it only means I was right So go ahead, be my guest ;)
  15. Balance sides or lose lot of ca$h

    Here brother, and all the rest of you please read description and help the cause! I think that schooling may also solve other problems he has, thank you for your patience and help!