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  1. Mewingdrip

    [2018.06.28] Game servers restart

    Wait wait who said we're understanding? xD
  2. Mewingdrip

    [2018.06.28] Game servers restart

    When will devs understand that some of us are addicted to this game and they should tell us exactly how long every maintenance will last? It's very cruel what's happening right now, we fall to their tricks like we were all dumb u.u I am in pain... And I bet I am not the only one 😢
  3. Yaboi Eric Andre between us better watch out xD
  4. Mewingdrip


    Yea but I mean in-game, people already say I'm afk enough Did those last week, fked up +8 craft gloves lv26 back to +7 then broke their durability
  5. Mewingdrip


    We all know a game like this gets boring from time to time. The question is simple: what do you do for fun?
  6. Mewingdrip

    Meow I guess

    Nobody cares about your little drama xD
  7. Mewingdrip

    [2018.04.09] Game servers restart

    Finally someone who understands!
  8. Mewingdrip

    [2018.04.09] Game servers restart

    I exist for this game and this game exists for me, we are everything together
  9. Mewingdrip

    [2018.04.09] Game servers restart

    So we can play something, elseway life feels pointless and I have suicidal tendencies.
  10. Mewingdrip

    [2018.04.09] Game servers restart

    Well all you have to do is kill them, they die in 1 hit :D
  11. Mewingdrip

    [2018.04.09] Game servers restart

    Do we get test server? ^_^
  12. Mewingdrip

    Warspear balance in a nutshell video

    Don't think so
  13. Mewingdrip

    Warspear balance in a nutshell video

    I was serious. Close to 50% chances considering amp lvls on both teams means what else if not a somewhat balance? I'm not trolling, I was dead serious.
  14. Mewingdrip

    Warspear balance in a nutshell video

    Well I think this finally brings an answer to us all, barbs and charmers are not that op in the end. I want to thank you roid, this only shows how ela's drama had no sense whatsoever in the first place, since he only brags about how rich he is and how he should be able to kill anyone because of his awards. This video is the living proof that there is no balance needed whatsoever in any means that ela was suggesting. My sincere thanks!
  15. Mewingdrip

    Some balancing suggestions

    Priests are something like: "okay listen how this is going to work between use: I put this red seal on you and if you use a skill, you'll waste all your energy and good luck killing me with autoattacks, but even so I'll put this red mist on you too, run and if you move, HAHA, well I don't even have to attack you because eventually you still die."